Liberal German Immigration Courts Overwhelmed, Facing 5 Year Backlog

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Just as Obama deliberately overloaded the immigration courts with “refugee” cases by entitling those from neighboring countries other than Mexico to a hearing to determine whether they could be deported back to where they belong, German courts are now critically backlogged. Once again the similarities between the Merkel destruction in Europe and Obama in the United States are striking.

Hundreds of thousands of Islamic invaders are clogging the German judicial system as the word has spread that the ticket to extending your free ride on the German citizens is to appeal your ruling denying refugee satus.

Invaders who were initially granted “subsidiary protection” status by the German authorities, are now suing in an effort to obtain full refugee status. According to a report in the Amazon Washington Post, “Those with subsidiary protection status can stay in Germany for up to three years, but do not have the right to reunify with family.”

Asylum seekers now account for two-thirds of cases in Berlin’s administrative court, with 250,000 appeals now pending across Germany. One judge told the Berlin Newspaper Der Tagesspiegel the accumulation of lawsuits “will paralyze us for years.”

They’re creating their own nightmare, unless they secretly relish the job security or their new enhanced level of importance. By gaining a reputation for favorable rulings through an approximate 90% determination rate favorable to the invader, the problem is only going to get worse.

Illustrative of the kind of lunacy that prevails in Germany, University of Hamburg law professor, Nora Markard said, “The courts are cleaning up the mess. The success rate tells us how important judicial review is — and how important it is for people to have legal representation.”

It should also be telling her how biased the laws or their interpretation is and how ineffective they likely are at preventing terrorists or other problem and criminal elements from entering. The note that the Geneva Convention guidelines define a refugee as someone with “a well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion.”  

 Or, an alternative definition is someone who can convince an immigration judge that they are experiencing such fear when they aren’t for purposes of staying where they don’t belong. They noted that when Germany’s migration office puts people in subsidiary protection rather than refugee status, it does so based on the belief that they are not facing political oppression in their home country.

Robert Seegmüller, chair of the Association of German Administrative Law Judges, said that the volume of asylum cases is bringing the system toward a crisis. Just as in the US the overloaded immigration court system is continuing to cause problems. “The situation is dramatic for administrative courts,” Seegmüller told publishing group Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland. “We are now completely stretched to our limits.”

Mastering the understatement, Seegmüller said that having 250,000 cases pending is unsustainable. He pointed out that , “The administrative court system cannot endure such a figure in the long run,” Seegmüller said. “At some point, everything will collapse.”

Gee, Chairman, don’t you think that might be the reason they you were put into that position in te frst place?


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