Rep John Lewis – Grabbing Guns Has Nothing To Do With The Constitution

john lewis

Congressman John Lewis, a supposed civil rights legend, spoke to CNN’s Don Lemon about the terrorism in Las Vegas. He’s big on the civil rights issues when they are a means to advance people who look like him or other non-whites, but the right to bear arms, not so much.

Despite being second in the Bill of Rights in our Constitution and it stating in its text that it shall not be infringed isn’t important to him. Trashing the Constitution is “the right thing to do.” After all, armed Americans can’t be forced to work on the globalist Democrat Party’s plantation, and that’s really what this is all about.

After first priming the audience with a video of the horrific carnage the Mandalay Bay shooter inflicted, Lemon asks for Lewis’ reaction to the video. Lewis replies, “Well, to see this video make [sic] me really, really sad, that we are living in a country where our fellow citizens, where human beings are being slaughtered in a major American city in the streets.”

The phony hypocrite continues, “People just going out to enjoy themselves. It’s not the thing that we should be seeing in America. My heart bleeds for the people of Las Vegas and bleeds for people all over America.”

 If that is true, Lewis, why are you and your fellow globalists so determined to allow anyone who wants to come into America, regardless of their intentions or negative impact on American citizens free and open access? Even foreigners who want to shoot us and blow us up have a “civil right” to be here according to him.  [VIDEO BELOW]

He and the Democrats have fought President Trump every inch of the way on everything he’s done to protect us. The fact that this appears to have been a white American doesn’t change the fact that the terror threat has risen exponentially by the Democrats’ high speed mass importation of individuals from high-risk nations who cannot be vetted. His bleeding words are bloody lies.

Lemon brings up the reason he brought Lewis in, to push for more infringement on the 2nd Amendment. He says, “You’re pushing for stricter gun control laws.” He plays a clip of Lewis exploiting the tragedy from Washington with his fellow disarmament globalists.

Grandstanding Lewis asked, “What is your blood price?” You tell us, Lewis, how many terrorists and gang members do you want to import and support? Lemon asks, “So you don’t think this has anything to do with the Constitution anymore, do you?” attempting to remove that obstruction from his path.

Lewis says, “I believe in the Second Amendment but there are people who say we cannot change things, we cannot make guns safe for people. At the same time they don’t even believe in the First Amendment.”

Let’s get this straight, some anonymous individual’s disbelief in the First Amendment justifies your dismissal of the Second Amendment, all of the parts of the Constitution you disagree with or the document in its entirety?

 He then, once again, drags his connection to fame, Martin Luther King Jr., into the discussion, quoting him as saying “the time is always right to do right.” Shredding the Constitution or portions of it is not doing right, Lewis and Martin Luther King is as irrelevant as is John Kennedy. This might come as a shock to you but he was just a man who was killed a long time ago.

Lewis continues down the laundry list of Democrat talking points, saying, “I saw people shot and murdered in Alabama and Mississippi by guns. No, Lewis, you saw them murdered by other people. The guns were tool. Bad people will always find a tool.

Only idiots believe that outlawing guns will keep them out of the hands of terrorists and criminals. What it will do is expand the kill zones Democrats have created at schools and in churches to everywhere. Guns save lives and property every day, Lewis, a fact your agenda won’t allow you to acknowledge.

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10 Comments on Rep John Lewis – Grabbing Guns Has Nothing To Do With The Constitution

  1. Disgustingly stupid is about the only way I can sum up his, and Lemonheads’, words. Willfully ignorant.

    • Well, Jeff, which is it, now? “Disgustingly stupid” or “Willfully ignorant”? They can’t have it both ways, can they?

  2. These leftist Democrats make me sick. Every time there’s a murder or a shooting that does not involve a black shooter and a black victim, they rise up with “righteous indignation” to rant about needing more gun control laws…when, if we could in some way enforce the laws we have on the books now, we could begin to reduce the violence perpetrated by criminals with firearms. However, abrogating an INDIVIDUAL constitutional right is NEVER justified because someone criminally abuses that right.

    Wherever it’s appropriate, I will repost the following in support of the Second Amendment RIGHT to keep and bear arms for ALL lawful purposes:

    Men without guns are not free men; they are slaves. Men without guns are not citizens, they are subjects. Men without guns have lost the right of self-defense by any means necessary. They have lost the power to defend and protect their families, their homes and their property from harm or theft. Men without guns are reduced to mere members of the animal kingdom, subject to becoming prey to those among them who might choose to maim or kill during a robbery, or just for sport. The right to protect oneself and one’s family is God-given and Christ-endorsed, as Jesus plainly ordered his Apostles, “He that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.” (Luke 22.36) [And it wasn’t to make a fashion statement!]

  3. Evolution: Before John Lewis, there were orangutans.


  5. Does this old reprobate lying piece of dung ever have anything to say about the Chicago murders that his black hoodlums are killing every day? How about the loss of the innocent black communities? He says nothing about losing them. As long as he has his security everyone else is on their own just like the dumb countries that have removed guns from their own people who now have no protection from their governments or the Islamists that are trying to take over their countries.

    Removing guns from Americans is a top priority of the left and the globalists and especially the islamist that have invaded us as well. We have the border crosser gangs and other illegals that keep pouring in to murder, rape, drink and drive etc. AND we can thank the illegal obama and the democRATS for their unconstitutional acts against us. BUT who would actually take action against them? No one has yet even Sessions who could but won’t.

    Now I wonder what our president will do. After all information that Pres. Trump should be seeing never gets past Kelly or McMaster and they will go left every chance they get.

  6. Yes, Marlene, and they don’t talk English either. (Lewis says troof instead of truth) The NFL players are another bunch that are racist jerks. Their taking a knee and raising a fist is not accomplishing anything except more division of races. The blacks are the ones destroying cities, even their own, with their protests, now and in the past. How STUPID IS THAT!

  7. Alton Robinson // October 5, 2017 at 6:43 pm // Reply

    How dumb guns don’t kill people. When some nut decides to kill a lot of people there are many ways to do it without using guns.
    If gun laws work so well how come so many are killed every week in chicago and ca where there are many gun laws.
    The bump-stock is just someone made to make money. I can take any semi-auto rifle and turn it fully auto in just a few minutes. We did it as kids on our .22’s.
    Gun control is not about controlling guns, it’s a way to control people.
    The man in vegas could have killed many more by using his plane, or a truck filled with propane bottles or gas.

  8. Our white President has done more for the black community than not only the black president before him, but more than any black members of this Congress. If smart blacks learn to vote for the better man, the for his color, then maybe some good blacks will run for office. As it stands now, they are ALL self-serving, greedy, corrupt liars with hip-hop rhetoric that means absolutely nothing.

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