Levin – Why Is Trey Gowdy Defending Democrat Hit Man Mueller Instead Of Trump?

Mark Levin recites from a long list of things and people that are smelling up the DOJ and FBI, asking why Gowdy is supporting the Frame Up of our President with Lindsey Graham…

mark levin

Mark Levin reminds the viewers on Sean Hannity’s program that he used to work in the Justice Department and against the backdrop of that experience he makes some points about the corruption in the DOJ and the FBI today.

He says, “The Inspector General is an independent, official, professional within the Department of Justice. This Inspector General was appointed by Barack Obama. Then you have the Office of Professional Responsibility, in this case, in the Federal Bureau of Investigation. They investigate professional wrongdoing accusations.”   [[WATCH VIDEO BELOW]]

“The people in the offices,” says Levin, “are civil servants. They’re experienced lawyers.” Levin describes how Comey and McCabe were bad cops, abusing their positions and authority for political reasons. The people in those review positions “go to the Attorney General and say, ‘You need to fire this guy.'” Levin points out that Trump had nothing to do with it and they wouldn’t care what Trump had to say about it anyway.

Levin points out that FBI Director Wray, who is apparently “in the witness protection program,” had already put McCabe on suspension forever. Levin says it’s stunning that “You have a media in this country, a Democrat Party and some Republicans, like Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio. They’re very concerned for this man, that he might lose his pension.

“He’s not going to lose his pension,” notes Levin. “Whatever money he put into his pension he gets. It’s just that you and me and Mr. and Mrs. Taxpayer don’t have to contribute to his pension for the rest of his life. Why are we supposed to be concerned about this? This man may have committed crimes, he should be in front of a federal grand jury.”

Levin asks, “Do the American people remember that this jerk [John Brennan], that his CIA was spying on staff for the Senate Intelligence Committee and he denied it and then he had to go back and apologize? Because under this jerk they were spying on the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Do people remember Samantha Power? Under this jerk they were unmasking Americans left and right, at historic numbers like never before. Her excuse? People were unmasking Americans with my name, she didn’t know anything about it.”

He also details some of the offenses of Eric Holder while in office as well as former DNI James “not wittingly” Clapper. Levin summarizes saying, “What we have here, unmasking, spying, leaking, covering up leaks, lie about leaks. It would be nice if Trey Gowdy, for once, would go on television and say, ‘You know, I really do think something’s wrong here and Mr. Mueller, you’re investigating the wrong thing.'”

Levin continues, “He’s on TV and he says, ‘We’re not investigating Mueller, collaboration with the Russians anymore, we’re investigating Russian interference with our election, that’s his mandate.’ Well maybe Mr. Gowdy can explain something to us. Then why isn’t Mr. Mueller dragging Hillary Clinton in front of the grand jury? Or the head of the DNC in front of the grand jury? Or other people associated with the dossier in front of the grand jury?”

Levin says the big story is “the Obama administration did more to interfere with our election than the loathsome Vladimir Putin.

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