Levin – Show Us All The Comey Memos – What Else Was Comey Sitting On And On Who?

mark levin


Mark Levin, obviously disgusted with the incessant political chicanery of the Democrats in their effort to remove or seriously diminish President Trump, addresses the latest angle of attack, the supposed memo that disgraced former FBI Director Comey wrote to himself about a meeting in February with President Trump.

Levin says, with sarcastic feigned excitement, “Comey wrote a memo after he met with Trump in February. February, in February? Oh yes, yes.” Levin quotes the supposed memo, in its recounting of the alleged conversation and President Trump asking Comey to “just let it go,” to forget that whole investigation into Flynn.

Levin notes that if it were true, “he’s interfering with an investigation.” He points out that “the information comes from senior officials at the FBI who Comey worked with, former associates and others. So Comey is putting it out.”

Levin says, “And so the obvious question is, why did the acting FBI Director, then the Deputy FBI Director and a Democrat with family ties to the Clintons, why did he testify last week that there was no interference with the Russia investigation? Did Comey call him into his office and say, ‘Look what this guy told me, Trump! Oh, My God, we have obstruction!’ No he didn’t. Why didn’t he tell the Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, the dufus, Burr?

Why didn’t he tell Mark Warner, the Tourette’s guy, the Democrat, the ranking Democrat, didn’t tell him. Didn’t tell anybody on that committee. Didn’t tell anybody on the House Intelligence Committee, didn’t tell Mr. Grassley or anybody on the Judiciary Committee in the Senate, Mr. Goodlatte or anybody on the Judiciary Committee in the House, kept it to himself, for a rainy day, to bring it out if he needed it. That’s a J. Edgar Hoover.”

“If this is such a stunning revelation, why do we hear it two and a half months later? Why didn’t the FBI Director bring it up in his multiple interviews, his multiple appearances before Congress. Why didn’t he bring it up? But he didn’t.”

Levin says he’s planting the appropriate question in the empty skulls of the members of Congress, which is, “Mr. Comey, you kept a lot of memos, did you? How many memos do you have, Mr. Comey? And not only that, Mr. Comey, where are your memos? They’re government property. They’re not your private property. You damn well have better left your memos at the FBI and you damn well better not destroy a single one.”

“Will the Senate Intelligence Committee and House Intelligence Committee issue a subpoena to the FBI, to Mr. Comey for all of his memos? That’s my question. And will they direct him to preserve all the information, so we can see the other people Mr. Comey kept memos on? Like Loretta Lynch, maybe Eric Holder, maybe Barack Obama, maybe Joe Biden, maybe Chuck Schumer, for all we know. Maybe these clowns, every time they see a camera, they rush to it. Let’s see all the memos. The Comey memos, we’ll call them.”

He notes how it’s all directed in the short term to getting a special prosecutor and fundraising and in the longer term to their plans to retake the House and Senate and to destroy the Trump Presidency.

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