Levin – Separation Of Powers Prevents Trump From Testifying Before Congress

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As is usually the case, Mark Levin is right, at least as it relates to the exchange he had with ABC News reporter Jonathan Karl in the Rose Garden. President Trump did not say he would testify before Congress, but that he would to the special prosecutor, Robert “witch hunt” Mueller.

He then plays a clip from the Face the Nation program in which host John Dickerson served up what Levin believes is an obviously scripted question that Schumer knew was coming. It’s just even more probable that they discussed what Schumer needed to get out on national television to advance the leftist agenda and the two of them formulated the script together, as is the common practice for Democrats on news programs.

Dickerson asked, “The President said he would testify in front of the Senate, I assume you’re all for that?” Sleazeball Schumer responds, “Well, I’d like to invite the President to testify before the Senate. I think we could work out a way that it could be dignified, public, with questions, with leader McConnell. Of course we’d have to consult with prosecutor Mueller before doing it.”

Schumer accomplished at least three things with that statement. He reinforced the idea that President Trump was guilty of “something,” that he’s being prosecuted by Mueller, and that the prosecutor is more powerful than the “corrupt” President. None of that is true, but that is the perception and that is all they need to set him continue the set up.

Schumer then continues the assault of implied guilt, saying, “I want to make a broader point that relates to that, this is such serious stuff, John.” What’s serious is the attacks on our President by the anti-American Democrats, but he’ll pretend it’s the Russians. Snake Schumer drags out the old worn out “talking lies” and exaggerations of the past seven months or so, saying, “Seventeen intelligence agencies said the Russians did interfere in the past election.”

Levin expands upon that statement by Schumer, saying, “Wow, seventeen agencies said the Russians interfered with the election, ladies and gentlemen, and I will continue to press this point, and who ran those seventeen agencies? Under which ‘president?’ Under Barack Milhous Benito Obama. All those agencies, well, who ran those agencies? His appointees. So the Russians interfered with our willy-nilly, and in ways that you and I don’t even know, we’re told. During the course of the Obama administration; Mr. Schumer’s party.”

That’s number one, number two – A president should never, ever testify before Congress. It’s a separation of powers issue. George Washington would not even go to Congress to deliver his State of the Union speech because he thought a president should never do such a thing. So the office of the presidency now has to be protected from the likes of Schumer and the Praetorian Guard out of control media.”

“No, a President must not testify before any committee of Congress. He is a separate branch of government. Slimy Schumer keeps making his pitch, saying, “They preparing to interfere in all of our elections. That goes to the wellspring of the democracy.”

Levin joins the discussion, saying, “Yes it does, the wellspring of the democracy, Schumer, which your ‘president,’ your party failed to protect. Let us not forget, ladies and gentlemen, the [supposed] Russian interference in our election occurred on the watch of Barack Benito Milhous Obama – Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder. That’s right, John Kerry, before that Hillary Clinton herself. The interference in our elections by the Russians occurred during the course of the Obama administration and he did damn little to stop it.”

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