Levin – President Trump Health Care Comments Outstanding, Playing Long Ball

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Mark Levin continues his apparently sincere transformation into a supporter of President Trump with some glowing comments after the House failed to pass Paul Ryan’s Obamacare-lite. He described the President’s remarks as being “outstanding, and he showed enormous humility.” Noting that Trump doesn’t give up and understands that they live to fight another day, Levin said, “In essence he said, events are going to reach a point where this is going to have to be addressed and resolved. And when it reaches that point, I’m here.”

Levin plays a clip in which President Trump notes he had no Democrat support and it was a very tight margin. Trump stated in the clip, “I’ve been saying for the last year and a half that the best thing we could do, politically speaking, is let Obamacare explode, it is exploding right now. Many states have big problems, almost all states have big problems.”

Levin faults the point man, Gary Cohn for the bill being something that conservatives couldn’t support, as well as Reince Priebus, Ryan and the liberal Democrats teaming up in ways they shouldn’t. He says, “I think Trump handled himself, in this speech, exceptionally well.”

Trump points out that the losers are Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, “because now they own Obamacare, they own it, 100% own it. And this is not a Republican health care, this is not anything but a Democrat health care.  And they have Obamacare for a little while longer until it ceases to exist at some point in the near future. And just remember this is not our bill, this is their bill.”

Levin points out that no bill has been offered up by the Democrats to rescue their failing Obamacare, they were counting on a Republican bailout that they didn’t support and are now stuck, as are many Americans, with what they wrought.

Levin agrees with President Trump that a better bill will come out of this defeat. Democrats will arrive to the table when their bill collapses in a much more willing mood to compromise and work with Republicans. Trump says when they do decide to “become civilized,” that he’s willing to work with them.

Levin compliments President Trump on his attitude, noting that he is playing long ball. He’s not desperate to rescue Schumer and Pelosi from their disaster, although unfortunately the American people will be the ones to suffer. He tried and he’ll try again.”

Trump noted that the closer they got to being able to come up with a replacement, the more people romanticized about the wonders of Obamacare. He said, “Now it will go back to real life. People will see how bad it is and it’s getting much worse.”

Levin calls for elitists from the right to come in and fix the support staff problems at the White House. That’s some very treacherous ground to walk, with treachery being the intended implication. You can’t drain the swamp by inviting the vermin indoors, out of the weather.

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