Levin – Housley Lays Out Rice Story, Where It Might Go, Who Else Involved

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Fox reporter Adam Housley, who has been on the leading edge of investigating and reporting the espionage activities of Obama’s National Security Adviser Susan Rice and others, joins Mark Levin to discuss what he’s learned, how he learned it and what more he sees as lying ahead.

Housley describes the busy last four days since Friday of last week, when he made initial revelations but had not yet gotten to the point where the announcement of Rice’s involvement could be made. He says some of his sources told him at the time, “‘Hey, there’s more to this story than Nunes has. that’s coming out, the media’s missing it.’  And they were concerned because they felt that eventually it would come out and they wanted to make sure that it was correct, because, in a lot of cases, they don’t want their methods to be known.”

He describes the process used by Rice and how she disseminated the masked names and associated information to the entirety of what we have come to know as the deep state and DC swamp. He says Rice requested the unmasking and her distribution list included “everybody at the NSC, some people at DoD, James Clapper, John Brennan, basically the people at the top, including the former Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes.” Levin asks if the recipients also included Loretta Lynch, Valerie Jarrett and Hussein Obama. He can’t say at this point but believes that to be the case and is working on developing that information.

Housley makes a point of what was made a point to him by the folks that do this type of work, that “What was unprecedented to them was the way, they get these reports all the time, and the only time you’re ever going to see an American name on those reports is if it’s someone involving national security, there’s a crime, maybe an international crime that they’re watching,” or for the security of the American.

Then things changed and names started showing up in ways they never had before, names of associates and family members of President or candidate Trump and “this has been going on for a very long time, potentially up to a year. Housley has other information he’s working on verifying and reporting.

Levin asks, “If they’re doing this to Trump isn’t it possible that they’re doing this to other people too?” Housley replies with a no comment, then says, “We’re digging, we’re digging on all of this stuff. And just so you know, Mark, we have other stories we’re digging into as well.

Levin asks about the sources that provided the information if he can “assume these are pros who were really upset about the politicization of this process?” Absolutely, says Housley, but he’s not done yet. He sticks around after the break addressing the question of who told Susan Rice there was something in the reports in the first place and other things.

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