Levin Fears President Trump Will “Make A Terrible Mistake” Ousting Sessions

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Mark Levin says he’s very concerned. He’s “very concerned that the President and his staff will make a terrible mistake in pushing Attorney General Jeff Sessions out the door. And my concern is the President really needs to stay focused on the staff that needs to go and the staff that doesn’t need to go.”

Levin says, “I understand he’s upset that Sessions recused himself. But he will not get a better Attorney General than Jeff Sessions.” Levin says, “Jeff Sessions is solid, he has remained solid, Jeff Sessions is highly regarded in conservative circles and has been for three decades.”

“He gave up his Senate slot, which he could have served in for the rest of his life if he had chosen, because the people of Alabama love Jeff Sessions, to serve this President. More than that, he was the first Senator to endorse this President. And one of his top staffers, Stephen Miller, is a top aide to the President and a trusted aide to the President.”

He notes that President Trump has every reason to be upset with the Russia, Russia, Russia but feels he’d be making a huge mistake “if it is his objective to try and force Jeff Sessions out of his Attorney General slot.”

Levin says “So I just want people to know, for what it’s worth, I support Sessions as Attorney General. I did before and I do now. Whether I agree with everything he’s done is beside the point. He will not find a better Attorney General, moreover, can you imagine going through the confirmation process with another nominee? No, no.”

“So I would discourage,” says Levin, “the President of the United States and whoever is advising him, from what appears to be this effort to slowly, or maybe not so slowly, push Jeff Sessions out the door. I think that would be a very big mistake. Again, whether you agree with everything he has done or not is beside the point. What’s been done has been done.”

His caller, Donna, raises the other side of the issue, the fact that Sessions has sat on his hands over the Clinton and other Democrat prosecutions, with nothing, at least nothing publicly known, having been done in pursuing those investigations and helping him with defending himself and his family. If the recusal includes prosecuting Clinton, hand it off to either Rachel Brand or Dana Boente. A recusal should not equate to a declaration of amnesty for corrupt Democrats.

Levin adds the Responsibility of Republicans in Congress, who control the committees but refuse to put their foot down.

They’re content to allow and assist the Democrats in destroying the President as many of them serve the same masters and it’s not the American people.


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