Levin – Democrats Took Only 4 Months To Install Omnipotent Threat Inside Trump WH

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Mark Levin noted that, “The Democrats got what they wanted, ladies and gentlemen, making his announcement of the appointment of Mueller as special prosecutor / executioner to target President Trump in the hunt for a Russian witch.

Levin read the statement by Rosenstein, who Levin says buckled but some of us believe had a mission from the beginning. It would be interesting to learn the process by which he was selected for the position of Deputy Attorney General and who made the recommendation. Too much power and prominence has been placed into the hands of this nobody that we didn’t elect to be the minder for our President and AG Sessions.

He points out that despite all of the scandals and corruption of the Obama regime, including  the “‘Iran Contra’ deal, the Hillary Clinton emails, the IRS or Fast and Furious,” to name a few.  “The media in Washington are wetting themselves. The Democrats in Washington are wetting themselves but they won’t show it. They’ll find another reason to attack.”

Levin says, “They will definitely continue to attack with the Comey memo and keep claiming potential obstruction of justice and this has nothing to do with the appointment of a special counsel and this, that and all the rest.” He notes how it was “Just a matter of time, wasn’t it,” before the Democrats got their way. “

Levin recognizes the unusual nature of an address to the entire US Senate by the Deputy Attorney General that was set for the following day, saying, “I’ve never seen anything like that before. On the firing of Comey, he’s to brief all of the United States Senators, can you remember the last time that happened?”

His analysis continues, saying, “So all of this is to create a sort of breathtaking, environment of ‘lawlessness’ and ‘constitutional crisis.’ Now we have a special council, the Democrats will do fundraising into the ‘Russia Matter,’ unbelievable, absolutely unbelievable.”

He warns that it’s going to take awhile,  cause what happens here is, he’s got to get a budget, he’s got to staff his office, he has to come up to speed on what’s already been done. He will essentially be answerable to nobody. And so the Democrats have succeeded on this Russia issue, which they’ve been talking about now for months, to politically force the appointment of a special counsel less than four months into this presidency. Just think about that, less than four months into this presidency. The reporting leading up to this has been a disgrace, an absolute disgrace.”

Levin is right and this is a very big deal. Republicans and the President, it appears, never knew what hit em. We Americans have certainly been trying to warn them. We’ve got a major stake in this too, Mr. President. Remember us, the American people, the forgotten man that seems to be being forgotten again? What good is it to win elections when the enemy staffs the White House and that enemy plants another of their agents in a position to intimidate and control the President? Coups don’t always involve a change in the government, sometimes they involve preventing that change from ever taking place.

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4 Comments on Levin – Democrats Took Only 4 Months To Install Omnipotent Threat Inside Trump WH

  1. Yvette Streahle // May 20, 2017 at 9:15 pm // Reply

    They would have done the same with TED CRUZ, claiming he was not a natural born American. These DEMOCRATS are EVIL SORE LOSERS.

  2. Bugs Buchanan // May 20, 2017 at 7:13 pm // Reply

    I’m so sick of these whiny crooked traitors, I could scream. Clean house of em!!!!! He’s got to know!

  3. Freddie Arthur Hisle // May 20, 2017 at 6:01 pm // Reply

    One more reason to have elected Ted Cruz.

  4. So, guess that swamp is not going to be drained after all. It’s filled with way too many crooked, despicable, lying, self-serving, traitors. I feel for the president but one man cannot stand against the whole congress. NO ONE in congress seems to have his back. They are just looking at his back to see where to put the knife!

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