Levin – Clapper Obama Police State Cover Up – 6 Agencies After Trump With No Crime

mark levin


Mark Levin joined Sean Hannity for more exploration into the twisted tale of the Obama regime’s spying activities which appear to have directly involved not only the pretend ‘president’ Obama himself, but his Attorney General Loretta Lynch, FBI Director James Comey, DNI James Clapper and CIA Director John Brennan, at a minimum.

Levin lays the case out in a manner that highlights the falsehoods and gaping holes in the stories of the Obama regime when contrasted and compared to the accounts of their comrades within the liberal mainstream propaganda machinery.

He begins by pointing out that only conservatives or those who are not part of the globalist movement are concerned with their own reports which now cast a bright light on their leaders. Levin says, “the media is very confounded right now, they’re very confused. They don’t know whether to trash themselves, trash their colleagues or what.”

He answers Sean Hannity’s question about what did Obama know, saying we know this much, and points out the list of public information, articles from leftist publications that surely the squatter in the White House at the time had to be aware of. He also points out that the ‘president’ would have been notified of a FISA warrant being issued, just as a heads up. He points to the six agencies involved in investigations as well saying, “I assume Obama knew something.”

It’s starting to look as though Levin is doubting the veracity of the claims made by Kevin Lewis, Obama’s new spokesliar, denying any involvement or knowledge of such an “absurd allegation.” Levin recaps the agencies McClatchy reported as being involved were the FBI, CIA, NSA, DOJ, Treasury Dept Financial Crimes Enforcement Network noting “that’s a hell of a lot of agency resources, those are a hell of a lot of investigators.

He gets into the conflicts generated with the weekend interview with former DNI Clapper in which he stated that no wiretaps existed, saying, “There was no such wiretap activity mounted against the President, the President-elect at the time as a candidate or against his campaign.” He goes on to state that if the FBI had a surveillance ongoing under a FISA court order that it is something he would definitely be aware of and denied flatly that the surveillance was taking place.”

Levin builds on that contradiction and the other evidence, creating the case that “these are police state tactics, look at all of this. You have no basis for these investigations.” He points out, “Now they’re saying, wait a minute. We didn’t have a FISA warrant. We didn’t do these wiretaps, eavesdropping, electronic surveillance.

Levin asks, “Which is it, were there FISA warrants or not? Now if there weren’t, why didn’t you report that weeks ago. If there are, some of us would like to see them. So we have a real problem right now. The media’s turning on the media. We have leaks coming out that are felonies. We have stories about six federal departments and agencies, intelligence and law enforcement, that were investigating something, somebody, by somehow. So what’s the answer?”

He asks, “Why all the investigations? Is there any evidence? Was there any evidence, scintilla of evidence at all that Trump, his campaign advisers, and his transition team were on the take?” Hannity replies the correct answer of “none.” Levin replies, “Okay, then why are six federal departments and agencies involved in an investigation and now Clapper says he doesn’t know anything?”

The obvious reason is the one that Levin has already put forth, that which we were all already aware of. The Obama regime and Washington DC are filthy dirty with corruption and this pretend ‘president’ was operating an illegitimate police state. Levin wants an investigation and the intelligence committees have indicated that will happen.

In the meantime President Trump needs to clean house. The threat is very real and must be dealt with immediately. Congressional hearings are notorious time-wasters and very ineffective. Even when there was proven evidence of collusion among Senators in an active plot to overthrow FDR  nobody was indicted. It was swept under the rug by Congress. 

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