Levin Asks Schumer – You Like Special Prosecutors? How About For Clinton, Obama, And Iran Deal?

mark levin


Mark Levin addresses the leftist hysteria surrounding the firing of James Comey, pointing out that “First of all, the President didn’t order an end to the ‘Russia’ investigation, now did he? Now we have a lot of legal and historical illiterates posing as TV hosts and commentators, like Jeffrey Toobin, among others. Let me be very specific. Richard Nixon, during Watergate, ordered the Attorney General to fire the Special Prosecutor, he refused. Then he ordered the Deputy Attorney General to fire the Special Prosecutor and he refused.”

“Here,” says Levin, “the Deputy Attorney General writes a memorandum urging the Attorney General and the President to fire the FBI Director. The Attorney General attaches it to a letter, endorses it, and the President of the United States fires him. [It] has nothing to do with Watergate, but of course the media and the Democrats, one in the same, want it to deal with Watergate. The President did not order, in any respect, an end to the Russian investigation.”

Levin says, “But I have a couple of questions, if I might, for Chuck Schumer, who is the leading demagogue in all of this. Tell me something, Mr. Schumer, can you name a single Russian, just one, who colluded with Donald Trump in his campaign? Just give us one, one. You’ve got intelligence committees who’ve been investigating,” the federal investigation, “Let’s have it.”

Levin notes how fond Schumer is of Special Prosecutors. He asks, “Do you support an independent special prosecutor for Hillary Clinton and her multiple violations of the espionage act? Do you support an independent special prosecutor for the Obama administration’s surveillance and unmasking?” He has another idea, “how about an independent special prosecutor to investigate this whole seedy Iranian deal with the secret deals, the ransom payments the release of terrorists that we find out after the fact?

Levin points out that President Trump did what Hussein “Obama didn’t have the courage to do, which is to remove an FBI director that didn’t have the temperament to be an FBI director.”

He also finds it “fascinating that Democrats say, ‘Well, why did he act now?’ The same Democrats who have stonewalled the confirmation of almost all of the President’s cabinet selections, let alone his second tier cabinet selections, finally this outstanding choice for Deputy Attorney General is confirmed two weeks ago and then he looks at this situation and he says, ‘this man needs to be removed.’ The answer is, the President followed the Constitution, and Chuck Schumer is undermining the Constitution.”

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