My Letter To President Trump To Break Up Facebook Monopoly, Censorship

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On Wednesday I was finally able to do something I’d wanted very badly to do on many previous occasions, write a letter of complaint to the President of the United States about the censoring of non-compliant speech and ideas from the Facebook news feeds as well as other malicious acts engaged in routinely by what is a monopoly in the world of social media.

If they are going to be allowed to enjoy having no competition in the global social media communications field, they have an obligation to engage in ethical and fair business practices. Since they obvious prefer to advance the globalist political agenda and destroy those who oppose them, a breakup of their company seems long overdue. 

The problem was that the same globalists that Mark Zuckerberg is allied with also controlled the White House until twelve days ago so there was no recourse. Hopefully that has now all changed. I sent this request for help to the White House on Wednesday evening. Let’s see if I get a response. If I do, I’ll be sure to pass on what I can, not wanting to interfere with an ongoing, potentially criminal investigation.

Dear Mr. President or staff member,

I’m a writer who was a strong advocate for President Trump throughout the campaign and as a result faced increasingly tighter restrictions by Facebook, the main method by which my articles are disseminated, as they became more activist against him and against freedom and our Constitution in general.

I’m asking that anti-trust violations against Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook be considered and investigated as they partner with leftist organizations to curate, censor and restrict conservative articles out of news feeds, using the false veil of “fake news” to cover up their unconstitutional and anti-Constitution actions. It is my contention that Facebook should be broken up,  just as the Bell Telephone monopoly was split, creating the “baby bells” back in the seventies. The international reach of Facebook and the degree to it operates with impunity and without any substantive competition is greater than that of Bell Telephone at the time. They claim the protection of being a private business insulates them from the First Amendment but they are a publicly traded corporation that is acting as a utility. Perhaps the definitions in the law need to be upgraded to meet current market conditions. They are a monopoly by anyone’s definition.

The horror stories of Facebook destroying people’s businesses, being unaccountable, there not being a real person to talk to regarding anything they do no matter how oppressive or egregious  and bias against patriots, the deleting of posts that tell too much truth about them or their political allies are all true. There is no competition, nowhere for those who have been wronged to go. Although other companies do exist – they don’t have the market reach that Facebook does and are not a viable alternative.

I ask President Trump to please consider having Senator Sessions or the Commerce Secretary, FBI or whomever is the appropriate official investigate and take corrective action if possible to right the wrongs that are being perpetrated against us. We’re not criminals, we’re not rioting in the streets. Our offense against Zuckerberg and the elite “Masters of the Universe” is that we support the President and like him, value and respect the Constitution and love America.


Thank You,

Your fellow American fighting for his voice,

Rick Wells


Wouldn’t it be a kick in the pants if Attorney General Sessions got behind this as one of his first acts?

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18 Comments on My Letter To President Trump To Break Up Facebook Monopoly, Censorship

  1. Well said and so needed!!!!!


  3. We need to remember, Facebook gets its revenues from the advertisers who use the site. If Facebook advertisers are boycotted for their use of Facebook, they will go elsewhere and Facebook revenues will decline. Facebook needs to become a bad place to advertise.

  4. Long overdue. I would love to see it taken a step farther and shut it down. It’s dangerous we have no idea what obama allowed facebook to do. They seem to think they are the judge and jury. How did they get that that level of arrogance and what price did people pay. There were no limits with Obama..

  5. Chief say; when no rain, creek dry. Chief also say; man no use facebook, facebook dry up, wind blow facebook away.

    • Yeah Skunk, but i’d dry up long before he does – I can’t stand that arrogant little prick but that’s where the traffic is. I’d love to find a replacement that actually has people on it, or force the little rat out of his monopoly. thanks, Chief.

  6. Good job. I hope the letter finds its way into the hands of someone with a sense of Constitutional responsibility. So few of the staff up there will even have a clue of the significance of your message. Let us know if you need any character references or support letters.

  7. Frances Riggs // February 2, 2017 at 9:48 am // Reply

    Hope your letter works Rick,and thanks!!

  8. Very well done Rick Wells! I post your articles every time I receive them and have actually made your site my go to.

    Thank you for your hard work to bring the best to the people. I will post on FB and hope the FB gurus will have palpitations over your letter after all Zuckerberg must come out from his high walls once in a while.

    Wishing you well!

  9. I hope you get a response and some action. Conglomerates are a menace to our Republic, just look at what has happened to our news media in general.

  10. Good for you.

  11. Dr. Deplorable // February 2, 2017 at 9:02 am // Reply

    Amen! I do not waste my time with Suckerberg or other Queers/Homosexuals.

  12. Should do a petition or something at places like “”

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