Leftists Angry Terrorist Profiling Prevented Repeat Of New Year Cologne Attacks

cologne police

cologne police

If the Cologne, Germany police had used race as the determining factor in selecting a group to target in their efforts to prevent a repeat of the sexual assaults of last New Year’s Eve, the complaining of the sniveling pro-terrorist, open borders crowd might have a little more credibility. They didn’t; they chose the same group that was documented as being the perpetrators during the previous year’s horrific sneak attacks.


Last year there were well over 1,000 violent crimes reported as having been committed in their jurisdiction on New Year’s Eve. The numbers for this year were less than a dozen. That’s not a success in Germany under the nutty Nazi Angela Merkel, though, it’s a problem. Concentrating their preventative efforts on the North African perpetrators responsible for the attacks a year ago is now being bemoaned as racist by the pro-rape, pro-terrorist importation agitators of the left.

Lefties, including the local Green Party mental deficients, have criticized the police for proactively focusing their security efforts “too clearly” at the same groups, the North Africans known as “Nafris.” They didn’t include enough white grandmothers in a misguided, politically correct “randomness” that ignored the reality of the source of the threat in favor of pretending it could be anybody.

Police documents describe the word “Nafri” as being an internal policing term used to describe imported populations and individuals from Egypt, Algeria, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Syria and Tunisia, of between approximately 15 and 25-years-of-age,  violent and often armed with a folding knife.


Green Party chairman Simone Peter noted that the measures worked, but questioned the legality, saying, “It raises the question of proportionality and legality when around 1,000 people were checked and partially detained based on their appearance alone.” What it should really question is the idiocy of bringing such an obviously criminal element into the country under any circumstances. It should also identify them as prime deportation candidates.

Leftist politician Christopher Lauer, who has been an agitator within both the Social Democrats and Pirate Protest Party [arrgghhh], accused the Cologne police of “sweeping prejudice against an entire group of people based on their appearance.” No, you dishonest, lying, disingenuous piece of political garbage, it was based upon that group’s previous conduct, just as a rap sheet or police record is based. He claimed the process was “highly dehumanizing.” We can wonder whether he considers being sexually assaulted by dirty, nasty, foreign barbarians as dehumanizing also.

Not only did they prevent a repeat of the mass chaos and from a year ago, a 38-year-old Syrian described as needing “urgent action” was also arrested on New Year’s Eve. That individual was believed to have been planning a terror attack and had previously been arrested on terrorist financing offenses. One might question why, as a “migrant,” the terrorist suspect was still in the country in the first place, but that is the kind of rational question Germans aren’t allowed to ask of their Fuehrer, Angela Merkel.


The Cologne police gave regular updates throughout the night as to the number of Nafris stopped, searched, and turned away, with local newspapers distributed the information. Hundreds of potential troublemakers, some of which were offenders involved in the trouble of a year ago, were turned away and escorted to trains out of the city center.

One train into the city had 300 North Africans on-board. It was stopped and turned back just before it reached the city center. All totaled 1,200 Nafris were in some way controlled by the Cologne Police. Additionally, two sexual assaults, six thefts and 29 other individuals were arrested.

A year ago over 500 women reported being victims of sexual assault, with 28 raped. When other crimes such as theft and assault were included the totals from the previous year exceeded 1,300 victims.

A decision had to be made, whether public safety and the rights of the German people were going to be discarded in the interest of claimed rights of non-citizens to act out in a lawless, violent manner. The German people won out, this time.

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