Leftist Thugs Destroy Govt Property, No Police – New “Tolerant” Democrat South?

statue pulled leftist

It defies logic to think that local police and officials weren’t aware of what was going on, as a sizable crowd of leftists gathered along with what are apparently some news media outlets to destroy public property, a civil war monument in Durham, NC.

Increasingly protest in this country is defined as vandalism, destruction of property and lawlessness, as is the case here. The CBS affiliate described the leftist offenders as a “crowd of protesters,” although their primary objective seems to have clearly been to bring down the statue. Maybe they got all of the chanting out of their systems and needed a bigger rush.

They don’t seem to be at all concerned about being arrested, which, coupled with a lack of a police response to vandalism on a government property, leads one to question whether the local and state Democrats had green-lighted the criminal activity. Just as was the case of the complicit Charlottesville mayor who ordered the police to stand down and created the violence, police were likely ordered not to intervene for political reasons.

If that is the case, the police leadership as well as government officials needs to be changed. If they were just unaware of a crowd destroying government property that included news media, then again, police leadership needs to be changed.

At approximately 7:10 p.m. a large, leftist-looking woman dressed in her hoodrat best climbed a ladder and onto the pedestal where the statue was based, looping a strap around it.  Shortly thereafter her comrades below pulled the statue to the ground.

The leftists then took turns kicking and spitting on it, playing up their victory over an inanimate object like they had really accomplished something positive. For the perverted left, bad is good, and they’re proud of themselves. The Confederate statue had been dedicated to the city of Durham in 1924 and was engraved “The Confederate States of America.” It is a representation of an anonymous civil war soldier but even those civilians who fought and died for their homeland are to be disrespected by the anti-American left and those despicable thugs they orchestrate.

Loan Tran is described in the CBS report as “an organizer,” indicating, in addition to the size and coverage of the criminal act, that it was orchestrated. Tran said on Monday, of the statue, “It needs to be removed. These Confederate statues in Durham, in North Carolina, all across the country.”

Whatever gender a Loan Tran is or identifies as, it continued speaking, saying, “When I see a Confederate statue in downtown Durham, or really anywhere, it fills me with a lot of rage and frustration. So that makes it all okay? She doesn’t have to manage her anger and this degraded society we find ourselves now living in simply accepts this lawbreaking?

Another leftist thug, Takiyah Thompson, told CBS, “People can be mobilized and people are angry and when enough people are angry, we don’t have to look to politicians to sit around in air conditions and do nothing when we can do things ourselves.” She’s another fine example of America’s future leadership crisis and the shortcomings of public education.

A Durham County spokeswoman, Dawn Dudley sent an email to the station, stating, “Due to a North Carolina state law passed a few years ago, Durham County is prohibited from removing or making substantive alteration to historical monuments and memorials. I share this to say that there is a statute in place making the efforts you mention below difficult to move forward. I would assume that the only thing possible are steps to reverse the law.”

The leftist group stated that their purpose is to “smash white supremacy.” And, apparently, American history and statues as well.

Why is there no mention in this report of the crime involved? CBS didn’t ask or find it worthy of reporting on? The County spokeswoman didn’t indicate any action being taken by the city to prosecute and hold the perpetrators financially responsible for their crimes.

Is it now acceptable in the south, if you’re a Democrat, to break the laws that you find “frustrating” or that you disagree with? If that is the case, societal breakdown is in the near future – or already here and just now being recognized.

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