Leftist Senator Bullies DHS Secretary Kelly Into Near Submission On ICE Detainers

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Democrat hag and Senator Kamala Harris is another of a first generation American children of foreigners who rose to prominence during the Obama occupation, who exhibits no understanding or respect for traditional America but instead a preoccupation with and dedication to the destruction of our nation through open borders globalism. Her mother was from India and her father, a Jamaican liberal professor at Stanford.

There is good news for those of us watching this exchange, we had the good sense and good fortune not to be married to this witch. General Kelly likely wanted to walk across the room and slap the snot out of her, but he’s too much of a gentleman, doesn’t need the headaches and wouldn’t want to risk cutting his hand on her beak.

The open borders hag showed no respect for Homeland Security Secretary General John Kelly beyond the use of the words thank you and “with due respect” and to a degree it may have been effective. Kelly did seem to back down on whether or not he would stick to his guns on the issue of ICE detainers in sanctuary cities. If nothing else she seems to have exposed a crack in the Trump policies, which will undoubtedly embolden the leftists and which they will seek to exploit.

Harris said to Kelly, “Imagine sir, if you will, that you were a local law enforcement leader, presented with a choice of either complying with federal law that means that you may expose your department and your jurisdiction to civil liability or forfeiting DHS funds that are designed and intended to help you fight terrorism at a local level.”

She goes on to attempt to make the case that it’s a difficult, impossible decision to make. That’s what she wants it to be as that provides an avenue for arguments against following the law which comports with her open borders anti-America agenda.

After objecting to being cut off Kelly says he appreciates the fix that those officials are in and states that DHS is willing to work with them in any way they can. That’s a far cry from withholding funds unless the detainers are honored and has that all-too familiar ring of Republican surrender to it.

The California witch, who carries on in the tradition of the vile creature she replaced, Barbara Boxer, annoys General Kelly by repeatedly interrupting him as he’s trying to answer her questions. It’s all part of her sending him a message that she’s in charge, not him, that she expects her open border bias to have a place in the formulation and implementation of DHS policies and that she’s willing to be as nasty as is needed to get her way.

Harris asks if Kelly is telling jurisdictions they can ignore ICE detainer requests to which he meekly replies that they are told to do whatever they can do in accordance with whatever the local authority, such as their Attorney General, a position this hag held in California prior to becoming a Senator, recommends. She closes with a pin her opponent, asking, “So are you willing to then not withhold federal funding when police chiefs tell you they cannot comply with the detainer request because they’ve been told by their lawyer that they will expose their jurisdiction or their department to civil liability?”

Kelly replies, again, “I’m willing to work with them in any way I can, within the law, federal and local law, whatever they’re comfortable with. I don’t make threats to people, Senator.”

Just as when the precedent was set for the illegals to abuse the system and be placed on an asylum track by uttering the magic words stating “a credible fear” of being returned to where they belong, sanctuary jurisdictions will now instruct their attorneys in what they are to tell local law enforcement they can “be comfortable with.”

The Republicans need to figure out this isn’t a game and be willing to get into confrontations with these Democrats. They’re not taking this country back, they’re taking whatever crumbs the Democrats are willing to throw them. They’re counting on the pattern of polite Republican surrender continuing, and capitalizing on it. Even under President Trump, the leftists seem to be succeeding.

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8 Comments on Leftist Senator Bullies DHS Secretary Kelly Into Near Submission On ICE Detainers

  1. OMG!! I’m laughing out loud! Your writing is terrific!

  2. It is NOT “a difficult, impossible decision to make”. Just follow the law. Period.

    Enough with this leftist sophistry. They have overplayed their hand with such chicanery and deceit. It’s almost laughable anymore, what they get up to. Unfortunately, it is not a laughing matter. It is war.

    They know it. We need to understand that, too. This is not just partisan politics as usual, for these ideologues. This is for keeps.

    Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their country. If there ever was such a time.

  3. Kitty Corbett // June 7, 2017 at 11:39 am // Reply

    I watched that exchange on TV and was appalled by the California senator’s rudeness to the DHS Secretary. I would have preferred that he strongly support the law, the threat of civil suit and/or withholding of funds notwithstanding.

  4. Deplorable Doctor // June 7, 2017 at 9:18 am // Reply

    Deport each and every Illegal Invader, without exception!

    • May want to consider finding the helicopter guy that loves the smell of gun powder in the morning. Just suggesting a happy ending.

  5. Ok, it is time for the President Trump orders of being strong against the liberals and stop giving in and being ‘nice guys’. Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire to make the laws hold. I don’t like hate & discontent around me either, but there are times you have to stand up and be counted against the lawless acts of the left.

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