Leftist Sanitary Pad In The Mouth Hit And Run Offender Caught In The Act

sanitary pad hit and run


We know that liberals can be and generally are a disgusting bunch, with many of them taking their already perverse views to extremes. One of those views, the “right” to the killing of unborn children, was being protested in this instance, an act of expression that one “tolerant” leftist deemed unsuitable. The Bill of Rights and the Constitution, as Mark Zuckerberg and others seeking to steal our liberty and our nation demonstrate on a daily basis, don’t apply to conservatives.

Physical violence is also becoming increasingly an option chosen by leftist radicals, as the attacks on Trump supporters and the UC Berkeley riot highlighted, all being orchestrated deliberate acts by Democrat operatives with George Soros funding.

One rising star Democrat, a disgusting pig-woman of the left, combined all three elements, disgust, perversion and violence into one act at a January 27th anti-Planned Parenthood demonstration in Ashland, OR. Valarie Staurshok, a 21-year-old, (in human years) assaulted one of the protesters with what the Ashland Police Department described as a “wet sanitary napkin.”

It does not appear that the pad was wet with water or her spilled diet Coke. Based upon the actions of those involved it was likely removed by the pig as it was being for its intended function. That removal likely took place in the privacy of her vehicle in the parking lot just prior to it being shoved into the protester’s mouth in hit and run fashion.

Pig-woman Staurshok can be seen at the bottom of the screen as she approaches from behind the man the victim is videotaping having a debate with. She can be heard as she commits the assault saying, “Go f**k yourself and eat this f**king pad you cock face.” Her comments are more evidence that the pad was hers and “fresh,” just out of service. She’s having one of those days.

Everybody witnessing the event seems stunned, with the individual that was engaged in a debate with the victim stating “see, that’s hateful,” with her apparently providing substance to a point he had attempted to make earlier.

The pro-Planned Parenthood agitators sided with their comrade, saying the attack was “understandable hate.” The victim can be heard saying, “I think I’m actually going to have to call the police,” which he did. The pro-abortion leftist turned herself in and was charged with one count of harassment.

Criminal battery is defined in the United States as “the use of force against another, resulting in harmful, offensive or sexual contact. While it could perhaps be argued that there was no harm or nothing sexual involved, making the case that it wasn’t offensive is impossible. Why she wasn’t charged with battery as well and made to pay for an aids test needs to be addressed.

The left is becoming increasingly willing to engage in violence. Letting them off with a “harassment” charge only encourages and guarantees more of the same.


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3 Comments on Leftist Sanitary Pad In The Mouth Hit And Run Offender Caught In The Act

  1. Keith (Baron Angelton) // February 13, 2017 at 12:06 pm // Reply

    Hang the pig, that is a reprehensible act of mamoth proportions. It is a pity the young man did not have a gun on his person. If it had been I that was thus assaulted,I would have taken out my Sig1911 and blasted her off the planet

  2. Harassment, criminal assault and battery, test for aids (make her pay for the test), this man needs to go to police station and file those charges and ask court for restitution from her for his anguish while waiting to see if she had aids or some other disease.

  3. INSANITY! Never mind disgusting in the worst way!!

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