Leftist Reporter Tries To Force NFL “Patriotic Desecration Of America” Lie On Sanders – Bad Idea

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April “Race-Bait” Ryan attempts to back Sarah Sanders into a pigeon hole in which the NFL players disrespecting the flag, anthem and our nation are allowed to claim they are somehow being respectful in doing so.

It’s an idiotic claim that only a black supremacist libtard like Ryan or the anti-American Democrat thugs in the NFL could come up with. She rambles around like a fly in a dairy farm, trying to stumble her way into a question that will lead Sanders into the type of response she’s looking for.

Ryan says, “On the taking a knee issue, we’re understanding that many of the NFL players are still very upset with this back and forth.” Sanders interjects, “I think so are many Americans. Far more Americans than there are NFL players.”

She tries again, “Many people have different ideas and opinions on this but when the President weighed in, the NFL said we’re going to be united. There’s an anticipation that it could grow even more so this weekend.”

Illustrating that she has no legitimate question to ask and basically just wants to hear herself yapping, Ryan asks, “What is the President anticipating, what should we expect him to say about this? It’s now the NFL against the President.”

Sanders replies, “I think the President’s made it very clear, this shouldn’t be about the NFL being against the President. This should be about our country coming together to support the flag, support the national anthem. There’s nothing wrong with having pride in the United States, this President has been very clear on that and he’s certainly not going to back away from it.”

She tries for a third time, saying that the NFL players claim to be patriots who love this country and are challenging the system by desecrating our anthem and flag they claim to love. She grasps at straws in raising the issue of history and women’s rights. No other group at any other time in our history, Ryan, has disrespected our national symbols in this manner. That’s an impossible, desperate argument to attempt to make.

Sanders turns that argument into something that is relevant and of substance from the administration’s perspective, the recognition in the course of history of the sacrifices of life and limb made by those defending our anthem, flag and nation. “We should be celebrating those people. We should be looking at every way we can to celebrate our country, bring it together, not looking at ways to divide it.

“The President is simply talking about what we’re for, not about what we’re against.” Desperation sets in for “Race-Baiter” Ryan as she’s gone 0 for 3 in her attempts. She manages to get a fourth bite at the apple.

Ryan uses the magic “R” word, stating, “It is a racial issue for some people [racists] and the question is, when the military issue is brought in, the military goes and fights for the freedoms of this nation and claims that the players are thankful to the military” for securing the means by which they can insult and disrespect both their nation and their service. She asks if there is “some sort of confusion here.”

Yes, Ryan there is. You America-hating leftists thought you could bully America into tolerating one more of the many varieties of constant attacks that you are making upon our nation on an ongoing basis. You usually get away with it, the right would rather not fight and our representatives in Congress are, for the most part, gutless cowards. This time you made the mistake of tangling with the people, who agree with the President that you are anti-American, the enemy of this country engaged in an attack on our symbols and values.

It’s just as you did with the Confederate Flag, the statues and monuments, the rewriting of our history, our borders, in every way possible America is under attack from the left. This time it didn’t work. There’s no confusion. We know exactly what you’re up to – you’re exposed and you’re losing.

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4 Comments on Leftist Reporter Tries To Force NFL “Patriotic Desecration Of America” Lie On Sanders – Bad Idea

  1. Sarah Sanders has a gift for not allowing someone like this so called journalist, which she is not, to win a point from her. How she tolerates idiots must be another gift she has.

  2. i have enjoyed watching Sarah DESTROY all those COMMUNIST STUPID SO CALLED REPORTERS.

  3. Sanders is so great, isn’t she? I couldn’t tolerate such people at all, I’d be likely to start name calling or even physically attacking. Sorry, that’s me. But those fools in the NFL don’t know what they’ve started. They’ll soon be history. Even dropping all their stupid tactics won’t work anymore because people are tired of their tantrums. They’ll be bankrupt before they can ever get back on top.

  4. Kelleigh Nelson // September 30, 2017 at 8:52 pm // Reply

    There are just too many idiot commies out there and those of us who love our country are sick of it. Glad Sarah’s ahead of this stupid woman, she’s so much better than Spicer.

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