Leftist Media Propagandist Implies Rep Nunes Is A White House Toadie

devin nunes


If Republicans didn’t know who they were dealing with, the type of individual that, with very few exceptions, is a Democrat in Congress, they need only look to the confirmation process. The false, smearing attacks by most Senate Democrats against their colleague were as revealing as they were despicable. Those are the same people who serve a different function, populating the media. Nothing, at this point, should come as a surprise for those honestly trying to represent the American people. For the organized leftist opposition, nothing comes ahead of their power; that includes this nation.

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), chairman of the House intelligence Committee, was faced with one of the media propagandists on Monday, who initially asked a less accusatory question and then followed it up by getting offensive and personal.

He asked, “Can you say categorically that there were no contacts whatsoever between any officials affiliated with the Russian government and the Trump campaign?”

Nunes answered honestly, “Yeah, not that I’m aware of, we still have not seen any evidence of anyone from the Trump campaign or any other campaign for that matter, that’s communicated with the Russian government.”

The reporter then asks the Democrat Party question, saying, “And also, why would you agree to talk to reporters at the behest of the White House, knowing that you’re still looking into this matter?” Nunes replies, “Yeah, so that story was a little odd, I thought,” apparently addressing the attempts to accuse him of some impropriety. He said, “Because if you ask me to contact the White House and said, ‘hey, could you set me up with somebody at DoD or the intelligence agencies,’ I would say sure. So it was a kind of an odd story, I thought.”

The reporter follows up, asking, “Is it compromised in any way?” He’s actually asking if Nunes is compromised. Nunes asks, “How is it compromised if I’m trying to be transparent with the press and if the White House asks me to talk to a reporter, which by the way it was one reporter. I don’t know. If the White House asks me to talk to you would you think that that would be okay or not okay?”

The reporter asks Nunes, “What’s your response to that?” He gives it right back, saying, “Well, what’s your response to it?” The reporter says, “Well, you’re investigating this matter and the White House is urging you to knock down these stories.” Nunes realizes at that point the real question the reporter is attempting to ask, a distortion of the events along the lines of why he went out as an agent of the White House to refute the story.

At that point Nunes cuts him off, saying, “No, that didn’t happen. That absolutely didn’t happen.” The leftist media is determined to make the events fit the narrative their masters have given them, despite the truth, as irrelevant as it has become or the statements of those in the know.

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