Leftist Judge Deciding Future Of Another Trump Executive Order – His 15 Minutes Of Infamy

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Once again the leftists appear to have found themselves a “so-called judge” willing to play pretend president and usurp the authority of the executive branch. It’s not surprising and until and unless President Trump puts his foot down it’s going to continue to happen. The president will enforce the law and the outlaws of the opposition will simply find an Obama judge to wag his finger, nullifying the office of the President.

President Trump’s executive order blocking federal funding for “sanctuary cities” was subject to review in federal court Friday, in proceedings that had the ominous tone of a foregone conclusion in favor of the illegals and their enablers. The army of activist “so-called” judges is ready to advance and their next infantryman has taken his firing position. He’s U.S. District Judge William H. Orrick, a California liberal appointed by Hussein Obama, who began hearing arguments in the Northern District of California on Friday.

The lawsuit was filed by Santa Clara County and the City of San Francisco. The next step we’ve seen in this entirely predictable soap opera will be for a temporary restraining order to be issued followed by a temporary injunction and an overreaching declaration that it applies nationally to any sanctuary anything, anywhere in the country.  The dice will then be thrown in the 9th Circuit Court Casino.

Are Trump Supporters, Angry Americans, Supposed To Once Again Suck It Up And Accept Submissive Defeat?

The plaintiffs argued that they’ll be harmed by the executive order, with Orrick agreeing. That’s kind of the point, isn’t it, geniuses, to make them choose between financial hardship and compliance with the law? What’s the value of a penalty without hardship? Obama Boy Orrick, as if we needed an indicator of how this scripted charade was going to play out, then ruled that they do have the right to try to block the order. That means he sees himself as having a right to block it.

Asst. Attorney General Chad Readler told Orrick that DHS and Department of Justice would only withhold “certain” law enforcement grants to the cities and counties that don’t comply. He also stated, “We don’t know yet exactly how the policy is going to be applied. We don’t know whether there will be any enforcement action and what it will look like.”

Clearly no action has yet taken place, which means there is no injury and thus no standing for the plaintiffs. They’ll go the injunction or restraining order route in anticipation of “irreparable harm” which was more than enough for the libtards before him.

Reader repeated the government’s view that Trump’s order merely tries to enforce laws that are already on the books and threaten potential sanctions that were already in place before the new administration took office.

Why Go Looking For An Unnecessary Fight The Dems Are Positioned To Win By Involving The Judiciary?

Orrick then made an excellent point, asking, “What is this executive order about, then?” He’s right. Why not just withhold the funds using the existing laws and then let the municipalities sue to be included and challenge the laws of Congress instead of an executive order? Why go looking for trouble, to be denied “permission to do the job of the president?” Why do they insist on setting themselves up for failure? 

President Trump opposed the flood of refugees but they’re sure pouring in now, at higher than Obama levels. He folded his tent a little too quickly for a bulldog who “hates to lose.” We hate to lose too, Mr. President – and we’re counting on you to help us save our country. Be creative and less direct or obvious. Many things can be changed in the course of normal daily activities without announcing to them to the world. Your recent action in Syria, in theory, could be grounds to claim concerns over an increased terror threat from a particular faction or Syrian nationalists. The possibilities are limitless. 

The visa and refugee vetting standards could have been and still could be raised without issuing an executive order which provided the mechanism for the legal challenges to be advanced. So could the law have simply been enforced and those not in compliance been left to figure out on their own afterwards the reasons why they were excluded from the money distribution. As a real estate guy, Trump should be very familiar with the term “the checks in the mail.”


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  1. Yes. Briliant. But we all know that THIS congress, BOTH republicans and democrats, is obama’s congress – the one that gave obama everything he wanted. And this is the same congress that refuses to support the President AND the people. It is the most corrupt congress in my lifetime and is another swamp that needs to be drained.

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