Leftist Gov McAuliffe BLAMES Peaceful “Unite The Right” For VIOLENCE Of His ANTIFA Thugs

terry mcauliffe

Leftist Clinton henchman and fellow anti-American profiteer, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, put on a staged, lie-filled propaganda presentation in the immediate aftermath of the events in Charlottesville. He responded quickly in order to take full advantage of the deaths that he helped make possible by monkeying around with the First Amendment and obstructing the rights of those he disagrees with.

The sooner he got the “official narrative” out there, the less chance there is for facts to get in the way, with people repeating his claims as if they were, for the first time in his career and probably his life, based in truth – they most certainly were not. Drama queen McAuliffe said, “I have a message to all the white supremacists and the Nazis who came into Charlottesville today. Our message is plain and simple, go home. You are not wanted in this great commonwealth. Shame on you.”

Shame on them for coming to Virginia where McAuliffe and his fellow global citizens are erasing their cultural heritage as part of the globalist scheme to de-Americanize this country and make it just another stretch of dirt under the UN flag? Shame on them for daring to exercise their First Amendment rights in defiance of McAuliffe’s efforts to shut them up? They came to Charlottesville to hold a peaceful protest, a First Amendment-protected gathering that McAuliffe and his fellow globalist tools interfered with and with the assistance of their AntiFa thugs as foot soldiers, shut down. They may not be wanted, as the Governor says, at least by his anti-American cabal, but that is irrelevant and they were not the source of the violence.

McAuliffe continues his attack on those opposed to having history rewritten and their heritage excluded, demeaned and denied, telling them they’re not patriots, that they are somehow different from his examples of Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. Patriotism takes many forms, Governor. They support their nation in the face of attacks by anti-American swamp creatures such as you. It is they who are the patriots and the Democrat Clinton crony turncoats who are the enemy.

The lying POS, as he’s in the process of criticizing the character of those who were holding and attending the rally, says that they came to Virginia intending to hurt people. He’s got no evidence of that and in fact it was the Soros AntiFa thugs aligned with McAuliffe who do the hurting wherever they go. They, along with their communist and Black Lives Matter Soros allies, were in the process of doing exactly that when a Dodge Challenger interrupted them.

He says, “My message is clear – we are stronger than you.” But it’s really not clear at all, Governor. Are you stronger than the peaceful “Unite the Right” protesters you’re vilifying for opposing your globalist encroachment or stronger than the AntiFa radicals that you on the left are aligned with and who your side pays and dispatches, arranging their participation in today’s event? Are you addressing your non-violent opposition or the hired thugs your side is employs?

Naturally he seized on the opportunity to give the worn-out “nation of immigrants” speech, telling us how that “mosaic tile of diversity” is what made us great. It’s what’s tearing us apart now, you pandering piece of crap, and it’s being orchestrated by you and your anti-American allies.

He tells those attempting to protect their heritage to take their hatred and bigotry and go, and never come back,” positioning himself and the open borders globalists as occupying the moral high ground when actually they are the ones targeting white America in their own bigoted campaign.

Pandering McAuliffe implores the Unite the Right movement to come with him to a homeless shelter or to help a Veteran find a job or a place to live, as if that is a regular occurrence for him. Unless there’s a camera prepositioned to use it to advance his career, those visits won’t be happening, and likely never have.

The common and often repeated theme of McAuliffe’s speech is “bring people together” with the vilification of those who have differing views from him as bigots permeating throughout. He even accused President Trump of being responsible and a hateful bigot in a backhanded manner. Look for that “bringing people together talking point to be echoed throughout the media in the coming days. It’s an invitation to surrender to the left. He’s not offering to leave the statues alone, we can be certain of that.

The rhetoric he tries to pin on President Trump is that of the left, initiated by Hussein Obama. Southern monuments and heritage aren’t the only history this lying subhuman mongrel is rewriting. He’s attempting to change the reality of the period from Ferguson to now, and erase the facts that it all of that animosity was orchestrated by the Democrats, led by Obama and Holder.

The shame belongs to hypocrite leftists like McAuliffe. Their little propaganda skit didn’t work, we know what they are.


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