Leftist Globalist Media Disinfo – Portrays EU Puppet Macron As Centrist, Patriot Le Pen As Extreme

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If Marine Le Pen fails to become the President of France on Sunday, it will likely be due in no small part to the same mind control efforts by the press that were supposed to burden the Americans with Hillary Clinton and likewise condemn the Brits to an existence as mere peasants under the feet of their EU globalist masters.

Reading a propaganda piece by the globalist owned media organization “Reuters” from Friday, what is edging into the Saturday before Election Day in France, reveals the same bias that exists in the US with the mainstream establishment Fake News media. Of course the bias exists, the same or similar elitists use mass media to control what are the accepted thoughts and beliefs for the population of the world, their subjects, regardless of whether they live in Europe, the United States or elsewhere.

Reuters gave the up to the minute report on the French election, starting off with the line “Centrist French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron extended his lead in the polls over his far-right rival Marine Le Pen on Friday.

What makes Macron a centrist when even Hussein Obama described him as upholding “liberal values” and he’s a made man wholly owned by the Rothschilds and other globalist oligarchs? He’s a tool of regional fascist government in Brussels, making him a fascist as well. But that realistic label carries negative connotations, so, given his lack of any political record of his own or affiliation with a major French political party, and his government experience being in service to socialist President Francois Hollande, they somehow determined that a centrist label was most accurate. Accuracy doesn’t matter, it’s whatever palatable tripe will be accepted and consumed by the brainwashed masses.

They go on to state, “Sunday’s election is seen as the most important in France for decades, with two diametrically opposed views of Europe and France’s place in the world at stake. The National Front’s Le Pen would close borders and quit the euro currency, while independent Macron, who has never held elected office, wants closer European cooperation and an open economy.”

Why can’t they say that Le Pen would stop mass mandated immigration rather than the isolationist-sounding description of closed borders? The borders would still be open, there would just be legitimacy required in the process of crossing them, and a determination that the threat posed is minimal. France would be for the French and they would decide, not the Brussels bureaucracy or Angela Merkel, who would be allowed in and for how long.

Reuters describes Macron as being independent but nothing could be further from the truth. He is the operative of the globalists, fully dependent upon them for everything, political and otherwise. This little boy is no more independent that a five-year-old heading off to his first day of kindergarten. He’s enrolled, transported, fed, provided with his uniform and books in much the same way that the globalists are handling all of the details for taking Macron to the presidency.

Again they repeated the lie later in the article that the fascist is a centrist, saying, “Pollsters said Macron had been boosted by his performance in a rancorous final televised debate between the two contenders on Wednesday, which the centrist was judged by French viewers to have won, according to two surveys.”

It’s no simple coincidence that Macron’s party that was formulated for just this purpose, his insertion by the globalists into the presidency, is called “En Marche,” which translates into “Forward,” the common thread of communism, totalitarian and globalist regimes. It’s a theme that global fascist Hussein Obama frequently uses in his messaging as well and which he employed as the slogan for his 2012 campaign.

As the Washington Times reported in 2012, “New Obama slogan has long ties to Marxism, socialism” the same truth holds for Macron as for Obama – they’re representing the slippery slope of well-financed authoritarianism.

But nobody in the mainstream media will even touch that topic. They’ll let the people of France find out the hard way, by voting for suicide. The mistakes of Globalist Germany, combined with the potential for France, will be catastrophic if Macron is successful.


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