Leftist General Criticizes Trump’s Anti-War Comments, Hit Too Close To Home

seattle libtard general mccaffrey


The comments of libtard General Barry McCaffrey, notably another lifelong Seattle resident, fit well into the Trump bashing agenda of MSNBC. But his disparaging of President Trump goes back to before Trump became the Commander-in-Chief. His service to the military industrial complex and the establishment war-mongers covered 32 years. At retirement McCaffrey was the most highly decorated general, having been awarded three purple hearts and other awards.

John Kerry and the Iran deal is proof that a purple heart doesn’t make one a good judge of foreign policy. He takes exception to President Trump’s comments about Vladimir Putin and the United States having killed a lot of people. McCaffrey was intimately involved in some of that unwarranted and unjustified killing in Vietnam and elsewhere over his long and decorated career. He’s a hero, but heroes can do bad things and it doesn’t bestow a lifetime insulation from responsibility or criticsm. Military service can provide excellent cover for promoting a leftist, establishment, anti-America agenda.

An article McCaffrey wrote for the Seattle times last August helps to illustrate and make the point that he is a tool of those who got rich by killing, the establishment elites of the military industrial complex. President Eisenhower warned us against them, to no avail and President Trump referenced them as well, although not by name, in his Sunday interview.

In the Seattle Times piece McCaffrey says he’s proud of his non-affiliation with a political party and having worked for war-mongering globalists of both parties, saying, “I have worked with loyalty and genuine respect at very senior levels for both President George H.W. Bush and President Bill Clinton. Those two individuals deserve nobody’s respect, have habitually abused and profiteered from their positions of power and continue to do so, along with their families, to this very day. Both are globalists who support the subjugation of the United States to the UN and Bush’s glorious “New World Order.”

McCaffrey criticized President Trump for not remaining silent as the leftist pilloried him through their tool Khizr Khan at the Democrat National Convention.

He criticized President, then candidate Trump for his refusal at the time to take a belligerent stance towards Russia. McCaffrey wrote, “Trump has publicly praised Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has become a major threat to Western Europe with his invasion of Ukraine and muscular threats to the Baltic States and NATO regional military forces. Putin has also managed to reverse Russia’s earlier steady march toward a law-based state and is turning that magnificent country into a criminal oligarchy.”

He defended John McCain as “one of the most venerated American military heroes since World War II,” an exaggeration and a slight of actual war heroes, like McCaffrey who deserve our respect and honor for their actions under fire. He described President Trump as sounding “like a 12-year-old — a willful and abusive braggart. He is remarkably ignorant and uneducated about the world that we face and the means we may use to defend ourselves.”

McCaffrey closed that article with a assertion that “Trump is unqualified to be the president of the United States and fulfill the role of commander in chief of the 2.2 million men and women of the Armed Forces.”

Is it journalism on the part of MSNBC to trot this liberal show pony out of his Seattle Starbucks to repeat the same criticisms and positions this tool of the elites has expressed before? No, it’s propaganda, and it’s their specialty.

He’s asked about President Trump’s refusal to aggressively join O’Reilly in Putin-bashing, something that would have provided no benefit to either him or the nation and led to criticism from these same leftists as being irresponsible. McCaffrey said he was “incredulous,” saying, “one can argue that’s the most anti-American statement ever made by the President of the United States, to confuse American values with Putin, who’s running a criminal oligarchy, who kills people abroad and at home, who imprisons journalists and takes away business property, who shares it with his former KGB agents, who invades and seizes Crimea and the Eastern Ukraine, this is an astonishing state of affairs.”

McCaffrey ignores any comparison to present day Libya, or the War in Iraq in which we unleashed shock and awe upon the Iraqis and executed the leaders of both nations. As he stomps his feet over Crimea, McCaffrey ignores the American role in the overthrow of the Ukrainian president. He’s silent about the insertion of Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, into a position with Burisma, a private oil and gas company in Ukraine in May of 2014, shortly after the new government was seated. Devon Archer, a former senior advisor John Kerry on his 2004 presidential campaign and a college roommate of Mr Kerry’s stepson, HJ Heinz, also signed on with the company in April. But there was no takeover involved, it’s all just as it is being told to the American people.

Save your selective moral outrage, McCaffrey. President Trump is telling the truth, a lot of people were killed and some of it was done for totally invalid reasons, including profiteering. Why do you have a problem with President Trump not condemning Putin, for his role in what are lesser offenses? Does honesty make you uncomfortable or is it an absence of corruption and true America first values that you can’t handle?

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