Leftist Coach Kerr Responds To Trump Giving What They Deserved, Cancelling WH Invitation

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Outspoken radical leftist Steve Kerr, who happens to also have a position as a head coach in the NBA through which to pursue his politics, took an uncharacteristically subdued approach to his team of self-obsessed ingrates being disinvited from the White House.

Kerr, a deranged leftist and frequent vicious critic of President Trump, attempted to appear as the magnanimous “bigger man” in response to withdrawal of the now-customary invitation of the NBA champion Golden State Warriors to the White House.

Kerr said of President Trump in the interview that, “He was going to break up with us before we could break up with him,” an indication that the team was likely going to snub the President by declining the invitation. Certainly some of its more prominent members had signaled those intentions.

Suddenly Kerr wants to set aside political differences when they’ve got an opportunity to receive a benefit, when there is something in it for them, what these self-absorbed leftists value almost as much as money, attention. That something was likely going to include an opportunity to demean the office of the President and this President in particular.

Now they’re not going to get that opportunity to receive what they didn’t deserve in the first place, a visit to the White House. After all, they’re not heroes, they’re just basketball players; over paid and many with bad attitudes.

Kerr listed off the Presidents he’s been able to meet and called it an “incredible honor to be in their presence.” Maybe he should have coached his team on manners and proper presidential etiquette, given all of his experience and claimed proper recognition of what it means.

Kerr takes a thinly-veiled shot at President Trump as not being respectful enough of the ball players. Clearly his perverse leadership played a role in the actions of his team and their invitation being withdrawn.

He continued to attack the President, saying, “We would in normal times, very easily be able to set aside political differences and go visit and have a great time, and it would be awesome. But these are not ordinary times.” Again, he admits that the intention was to decline the invitation.

He continues with the leftist drivel, “Probably the most divisive times in my life.” Kerr doesn’t bother to recognize his great leftist icon Obama as the cause for the division. It’s in keeping with the nature of the spoiled brat philosophy of the NBA to twist reality to a beneficial narrative, so he does.

He illustrates that propensity by referencing President Trump’s comments from a day earlier in which he had criticized the anti-America demonstrations of professional players in the NFL. Kerr said those comments “were as bad as anything” President Trump has said to this point.

He said, “It’s awful. You’re talking about young men who are peacefully protesting police brutality and racism, racial inequality. Peacefully protesting, hallmarks of our country. Come on. This has been very difficult for us to have to reconcile.”

Kerr chooses to not recognize that once they put on a uniform the players are representing the organization that is paying them. He would likely remember that fact if the expression of free speech included “Steve Kerr Sucks” warm up jerseys or swastika emblazoned sweat bands. It’s a simple matter of him and the cowards running the league sharing the political beliefs of the dissidents that makes them acceptable as the basis for his claimed difficulty with comprehension.

The racial mix of the NBA in 2015 was composed of 74.4 black players, and almost 70% in the NFL. Just what inequality are they complaining about, not enough jobs for white boys? No, they’re complaining because they’ve got chips on their shoulders that can only temporarily be massaged away by lashing out at their supposed oppressors, the ones that gave them affirmative action, the social safety net, and a preference in securing their very lucrative means of employment.

Yet Kerr and those like him think it’s perfectly appropriate to rub the noses of the fans in their politics. Thanks for the enlightening words, coach.  I’ll consider them as I work outside in my yard wearing my “Steve Kerr Sucks” tee-shirt rather than supporting your sports leagues. I’ll reflect on the better use of my time now versus watching two groups of ingrate racists compete against each other for meaningless victories and titles.

“Did you see that guy dunk a basketball over the car?” His having done so will make such a difference in someone’s life in what way, Stevie boy? Maybe turn others into demanding leftist radicals as well?

This American is following your advice, Kerr, though not because of anything that falls out of that foul mouth of yours. It’s in response to the composite of your actions and those of your fellows in organized professional sports. This American is engaging in his own peaceful protest against anti-white racial inequality, political thuggery and bigotry in sports.

If you approve, Kerr, as you do when it involves disrespecting our nation by the worst among professional athletes, that’s fine. If you don’t, that’s even better. After all is said and done, coach, you still suck as a person. You’re still an anti-American targeting American sovereignty, who was raised in the Middle East and doesn’t share the same love for this nation that patriots do. We won’t forget that either.

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8 Comments on Leftist Coach Kerr Responds To Trump Giving What They Deserved, Cancelling WH Invitation

  1. It would very appropriate for ALL civil Americans to shun the NFL NBA and all the teams that promote the end of Western civilization, Most of those low IQ trash can’t even pronounce etiquette, much less practice it.

    The left knows exactly what they are doing.

  2. So he makes sure the NBA will go the same way as the NFL? Is he dumb or what! Soon his players will be non-existent as with the NFL players. Sports isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Is Baseball next?

  3. The problem with the NBA and NFL is they are not eating enough bananas.

  4. I don’t agree with The Donald on many of his suggesttions… but this one YAH~! Yes, yes yes yes!
    STOP financially enriching these unAmerican disloyal selfish low-life trash.
    They have had a free ride… more than a “free” ride, a darned wealth-making ride…. for decades. The “fans”… (mindless things that flap in the breeze).. have paid more and more outrageous amounts of MONEY to watch these bullet-brained critters demonstrate body-butting violence……. and called it “sport”….
    ………. And now lo and behold all those fans get a long hard look at just what it is that they’ve made obscenely wealthy…….

    Time to put your wallet back in your pocket and VOTE with your feet!

  5. marcia fruehan // September 24, 2017 at 1:32 pm // Reply

    Coach needs to undergo a drug check………since when are nba and nfl players the “hallmark” of our society? In addition to being exceedingly overpaid…..many have been caught beating on their wives, girlfriends. they are a waste of human civility.

  6. Phyllis R Furlong // September 24, 2017 at 12:47 pm // Reply

    He is exacerbating the divisiveness he criticizes by refusing to shake hands with the White House. Such an honor. He has missed it.

  7. Dr Rolland Kerr // September 24, 2017 at 11:25 am // Reply

    Steve Kerr just hasn’t remembered how Middle East Muslims shot and killed his Dad in Cold Blood! It’s no wonder Steve Kerr may be experiencing major psycho problems and may not be aware of a multitude of Americans fighting and dying so we can be FREE and Respect America’s FLAG!

    • So often, as with Huma Abedin or Dina Habib Powell, and countless others it’s the first generation or foreign raised Americans, obama being the non-American exception that fits the rule otherwise, who have no appreciation for this nation who are so quick to criticize it. If he were honest he’d be in support of Trump against his dad’s Hezbollah assassins rather than joining them in attacking him. But that’s a big, big “if.”

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