Left Won’t Admit Charlottesville Caused By Their Ethnic Cleansing of Whites

robert e lee statute

It is always the mission of the left to vilify the “privileged” straight white whipping boys as responsible every time there’s a situation to be exploited. The media, academia and politicians have jumped on the individual driving the gray Dodge Challenger as exactly that with no one having even gotten a glimpse of him or her through the heavily tinted vehicle windows. For all we know it was a black woman, and the more time that passes without a statement from authorities the more likely that scenario becomes.

It doesn’t have to be related to the protests in any way beyond the AntiFas were walking in the street and blocking traffic. Maybe someone just simply lost their patience with their rude and arrogant misconduct.

Despite having filed for a permit and one being granted and then attempted to be rescinded and the event subsequently being moved to a different location, Charlottesville officials opposed to this group expressing their opinions, a supposed right they hold under the Constitution, declared their event to be an unlawful assembly.

A Virginia statute says “whenever three or more persons assembled share the common intent to advance some lawful or unlawful purpose by the commission of an act or acts of unlawful force or violence likely to jeopardize seriously public safety, peace or order.” Apparently those Virginia officials who hate white conservatives are also mind readers and were able to determine the intent of the “Unite the Right” event participants. It’s too bad they are so eager to apply their telepathic talents to the violent AntiFa they are aligned with and supporting.

The racist anti-white bigots of the left, including local Charlottesville officials and Clinton crony Governor Terry McAuliffe, are engaged in a far-reaching effort to scrub white history, rewriting our history to diminish white people and their predominate role in creating this nation, equalizing it with every other group they intend to import as we are eroded into a mass of humanity void of any recognition of the role white people played in our culture and national identity it.

Left rewrites history – Erase white people, not a Christian nation, Muslims have always been an important part of America

It’s a plot that Obama and the left launched the initial stages of when he first began his declarations that we’re not a Christian nation and Muslims have always been an important part of American society. Neither of those statements has any truth to it but an absence of truth has never come between Hussein Obama and his grand declarations.

In their effort to scrub white history from America’s past, statues of Confederate generals and heroes must be eliminated from public view. The group the leftists are calling white supremacists are simply standing up for their history, culture and identity in the face of an eradication campaign. In this instance the target is a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee.

The panderers were out in force getting their political statements on the record. Rapist and former President Bill Clinton tweeted, “Even as we protect free speech and assembly, we must condemn hatred, violence and white supremacy.” Would you like to condemn black supremacy as well, Clinton? You’re a coward and it would just cause you problems with the NAACP? Gotcha.

black racist torch

Who are the dangerous, violent ones McAuliffe?

RINO Paul Ryan followed suit, saying, “the views fueling the spectacle in Charlottesville are repugnant. Let it only serve to unite Americans against this kind of vile bigotry.” He must be talking about the ethnic cleansing against white people, right? No? Resistance to ethnic cleansing is repugnant to Repulsive Ryan?

On Friday night a group standing up for white civil rights held torches and marched onto the University of Virginia campus. They chanted “Blood and soil” and “You will not replace us,” and then rallied around a campus statue of Thomas Jefferson. He’s white too, his days are numbered. Police were called and ran them off as an unlawful assembly. More of that liberal mind reading at work.

“Unite the Right” organizer Jason Kessler said he doesn’t consider himself to be a white nationalist. But, he said, “we’re going to start standing up for our history.” He told CNN on Friday, “The statue itself is symbolic of a lot of larger issues. The primary three issues are preserving history against this censorship and revisionism — this political correctness.”

“The second issue is being allowed to advocate for your interests as a white person, just like other groups are allowed to advocate for their interests politically. And finally this is about free speech. We are simply trying to express ourselves and do a demonstration, and the local government has tried to shut us down.”

In the interest of fairness, diversity and equality, how about we shut down the Lincoln memorial too?


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