Jackson Lee Wants Trump To Resign But Conyers Can Stay – Another UFO On Her Face

Democrat hypocrite Jackson Lee argues it’s up to the politician to decide if they stay or leave when it’s Conyers, but Trump must resign. And what’s on her face, in a different spot

sheila jackson lee

Before we can address the hypocrisy and blatant dishonesty of Rep Sheila Jackson Lee, there is an obvious question about what that is on her upper lip under her left nose tunnel that needs to be asked.

It’s a bad angle for Jackson Lee, with full views up her gaping nasal passages being offered. Both nostril cavities apparently contain some unidentified obstructions, perhaps deliberately inserted, perhaps a medical condition or something else.

Then there’s the issue of the debris under her left nostril. In an interview earlier this week, Jackson Lee had what looked like the leftovers from a nose bleed stuck to her face in a nearby, although different location. Today it’s at a different angle and not red in color, but something is definitely there as well.

Is she having trouble keeping the contents of her nose where they belong or is something else at play? Is it a simple matter of poor nasal hygiene or the laws of physics and gravity playing a dominant role? Maybe she’ll let us know someday soon. She can rest assured we won’t let an interview pass without taking note.

As for the content of her blather, the Democrat hypocrite exposes herself with undeniable clarity, in voicing her support for letting sexual predator Rep John Conyers decide for himself if he needs to step aside, repeated multiple times that she’s praying for him and his family, apparently secure in the belief that the sexual predator will suddenly develop remorse and make the “right decision.”

As she advocates on behalf of allowing Conyers to continue in his position with the same access to women that he’s always had, she claims to be a representative of women’s rights and zero tolerance. She reaffirms that she position, saying at appx the 1:25 point of the video, “I believe the decision to go or come will be the decision of that member.”

But it gets better and the hypocrisy that is exposed, the difference in her position and her false objectivity is stark when it is a black Democrat who is allied with her in many ways and who she is a friend of and a white Republican who she doesn’t like.

Her comments to Neil Cavuto in the second video below, in which she called for President Trump to resign as talked over Cavuto in an attempt to get her “point” across highlight just how big of a phony she is.  She called for President Trump to resign over tweets, and because she feels he’s ill-suited and unhappy in the job.

So the sexual predator who paid taxpayer funds as hush money to his staffer can stay if he wants but the president that she thinks is unhappy must resign. There’s the garbage that occupies the gray matter and the spewings, that document the complete lack of character of the black supremacist Democrat blowhard, Sheila Jackson Lee.

But there’s a significant double standard when it come to President Trump and Republicans


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6 Comments on Jackson Lee Wants Trump To Resign But Conyers Can Stay – Another UFO On Her Face

  1. Kelleigh+Nelson // December 1, 2017 at 8:43 pm // Reply

    Ewww, something is definitely wrong with this mess.

  2. Kelleigh+Nelson // December 1, 2017 at 12:23 pm // Reply

    That’s a growth she needs to get cut off…or maybe she likes those weird things on her nose.

    • look at the angle and position from a few days ago – it moved

      • Kelleigh+Nelson // December 1, 2017 at 1:07 pm // Reply

        Really? I thought the other one was a bloody nose drip. Maybe she has bugs…heehee

        • I did too and maybe it was – it seems there’s a lot of activity going on in that region. maybe she cut it while shaving? but again, look at the position, one is vertical, the other more angled and the location beneath her nostril seems a little different.

  3. What an arrogant, classless, uncivil POS she is. A racist who looks more like she belongs on the cover of National Geographic than a TV screen.

    I’m afraid this is the future of our country unless we get an opposition party that wants to save the country. About every day I stress a little about my grand kids and what awaits them as they are ready to go to college.

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