Lebron James, An Obama Soros Agitator Athlete, Falsely Labels Trump The Divider

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Cleveland’s “Hands up don’t shoot, I can’t breathe,” Lebron James told a public gathering that he salutes the NFL and all of those who, like him, are hating on America, as if he has any experience with salutes.

He does so with his fingers tugging on and playing with his right ear. There are other places we could recommend he stick one or two of those fingers if he finds his salute to be less than satisfying for him.

With a slight but noticeable lisp, ‘Le Brown” commends the anti-white, anti-cop, anti-conservative forces that are bringing America together by tearing it down, by disrespecting our history, our culture, our monuments and our flag, by attacking white people and promoting thuggery.

James applauds the America-trashers, “everyone that had anything or any association with the NFL yesterday, it was unbelievable.” He says, “There was no divide,” indicating falsely that all of the players and coaches agree with their hateful distortion of sports into a leftist political propaganda device. James is playing a major role in that propaganda with this message and everything else he does.

The spokesperson for Obama’s racial divide forgets that he actually teamed up with Obama and Eric Holder to start the conflation of the NFL and NBA with their fomenting of racial unrest back with Ferguson and the St. Louis Rams. Surely he remembers his “Hands Up Don’t Shoot,” warm-up jerseys. That was during Obama’s pretend presidency, long before the 2016 campaign ever even started or anyone gave Donald Trump a chance at the White House.

Color before country Lebron says, “The thing that kind of frustrated me and pissed me off a little bit is the fact that he’s now, he use sport.” James translated that comment out of Hoodlish into English, saying, “He used the sports platform to try to divide us.”

Actually he responded to the actions of hood rats such as this young clown with the smeared, illegible tattoos and others who had chosen to disrespect our flag through sport. It was this anti-American agitator for the left, Lebron James, and his comrades in the NFL and NBA who used sport to deliver their hateful message.

Our president, like many regular Americans, just finally had enough of their trashing our national pastimes and our nation and spoke up. It was the agenda-driven spokesmen of the left, the agitator athlete thugs, who picked sports as their medium. It was not President Trump; it was not us.

He then goes into a rant about how amazing the sports that he disgraces along with our nation is and what it can do “for everyone,” attempting to portray himself and his ilk as being on our side against “the man.” No, thug, we like the man. We agree with him. You are the SOB he said you are.

Here’s a suggestion from the American people, you ungrateful racist leftist commie agitator – shut up and play. Nobody is listening to you because you are a great speaker or an intellectual. You’re a basketball player, that’s it, and obviously not a very bright one.

Leave politics to the politicians and leave it out of our sports or we will remove ourselves and our money. You will then have no rich league to pay you more than you’re worth. You might even have to go to work. The leagues might survive, or they could end up like the USFL. Either way, the longer this continues the more likely you and your overpaid comrades will take a serious, well deserved and long overdue financial hit. And you won’t recover quickly; we’ll find better things to do with our time.

Are you feeling lucky, punk? Go ahead, keep flapping your gums; make our day.


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6 Comments on Lebron James, An Obama Soros Agitator Athlete, Falsely Labels Trump The Divider

  1. Just another overpaid whiney-ass bitch who thinks his opinion really matters

  2. Just like Detroit Michigan and other cities, states that blacks have been elected to and are in rot and decay and broke. Nothing new there since we barely made it from 8 years of an illegal black prez who made our country begin the look of a 3rd world country.

    I will never watch another NFL or NBA game which I gave up both quite a while ago.

  3. I miss the days when athletes respected the flag and our country. Calling President Trump divisive is tearing it. He is the one man who is trying to keep America on a level playing field all the way around. If people want to call Trump divisive, that is their opinion. The way I see it, Hussein was the divisive president who set back race relations into the 70’s, if not the 60’s only in reverse. Whites treated blacks terribly in the 30’s through the 60’s and 70’s because of the color of their skin. Now you have blacks hating on all whites because of the freaking color of their skin. Where the hell is it that people are supposed to learn from their mistakes?? No, these mistakes are to be repeated in a reversal of roles? When Obama said, “That could have been me!” or ” That could have been my son!” Which ever one he said, that started the hate ball rolling and it’s been rolling for to long, all the way around!

  4. The only way to solve this problem is; send these over grown more and many bananas.

  5. This is what PC and “white guilt” have brought us. These ignorant uncivil trash couldn’t get a job that required more than a 70 IQ.

    The welfare state is breeding our demise. I’ve said it before and if this is not stopped we will go the way of South Africa. SA, a once thriving country is now a turd world shit hole.

  6. I have posted enough on this non-american and could care less what he has to say again and also that little twit that plays for Golden State. None of them deserve to be honored.

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