Leaks Not A Russian Hack – ID of Leaker Known, Ex CIA, NSA, Attorney Agree

russians hack leak


Former CIA analyst Ray McGovern and attorney Mike Papantonio joined RT’s Simone Del Rosario to get the truth out to the American people, something they are unable to get from the domestic US mainstream media. That truth is that this whole story about Russian hacks interfering with our election is a complete fabrication, a fraud, propaganda created by the United States government, Hillary Clinton, the Democrats and the establishment globalists.

Ms Del Rosario reads the Trump transition statement portraying the accusations as ridiculous and reminding us that those supposedly telling us the Russians are guilty are the same ones who peddled the Saddam Hussein WMD story. Ray McGovern says that Trump has a point, that the CIA are “unreliable people. He says, “The whole notion that the Russians have been hacking is belied by the fact that they could not hack without NSA knowing chapter and verse.”

He explains, “What we have here is not a hack, we have a leak. It’s just too embarrassing for them to recognize it. They have a leak. A leak is very different from  a hack, okay? Somebody leaked these, some insider. It could be somebody in NSA, it could be somebody in the Democrat National Committee. They leaked that to Julian Assange. And the reason I know that is because were it to have been a hack, NSA has track of each and every email, originator and destination that is done in this country. So it’s impossible that it was a hack unless NSA is not playing honest with the information it has.”

Papantonio is asked about the Pelosi daughter’s effort to get a security briefing prior to the Electoral College casting their votes on December 19th. Papantonio asks, “Well doesn’t this have DNC fingerprints all over it? I mean, think of how outrageous this is. This all started with two anonymous organizations, we don’t know who they are, we can’t even follow where it came from, that supposedly started this discussion. He notes that the corporate media that is pushing the narrative can’t distinguish between Russia and the Russian government.”

They then make the statement that the supposed Russians might be linked to the Russian government, having, “No proof, no evidence, no hard facts, just baseless accusation aimed at launching what looks like a new red scare, a new Cold War.” Papantonio notes how the arms industry would love another Cold War “over something as ridiculous as a hack story that has absolutely no legs to it whatsoever.”

McGovern is asked what he needs to see from the CIA, where he used to work, or from government officials regarding the allegations. He says, “Well, the CIA really is just a front. They don’t know much about this. Everything they know about hacking or leaking comes from the National Security Agency, the NSA. Now, what I need to see is from the NSA, forensic proof from email traces, and they trace all of the emails, that there was a hack. Now there is no proof, otherwise they would have produced that by now. Now this is not very sophisticated intelligence techniques; you can buy it in Staples, the trace mechanisms, okay?”

He says, “The other thing is this, I mentioned it was a leak, he reveals he has a good friend who knows who the leaker was.” Nobody has tried to interview him even though his identity, Ambassador Craig Murray, was made public through the Guardian. He also reveals that a memo went out earlier in the day from his organization, Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, authored by Bill Binney, the former Technical Director of NSA, stating that the claims of Russian involvement are a fraud. They say this was a leak, not a hack, and if it were a hack, it’s already been tracked. If it’s a leak, it’s not the Russians.

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2 Comments on Leaks Not A Russian Hack – ID of Leaker Known, Ex CIA, NSA, Attorney Agree

  1. Patricia Anno // December 14, 2016 at 2:16 am // Reply

    Shaking my head , hard to believe Nancy Pelosi spawned someone as nasty and misguided as she happens to be.

  2. george peters // December 13, 2016 at 7:26 pm // Reply

    of course russia isn’t involved, any one with any sense knows this. this is just another slap to putin’s face, to try and force him to go to war with the u.s., so that obama can remain in power. but putin is too smart for that, he laughs at obama, and barry boy, is pissed over it. his time and war mongering are soon over, and is clutching at any straw that he can. next up, will be aliens invading, oh, they are already here, in the form of muslim jihadists.

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