Le Pen Vs Globalists – Goldman Sachs Warns She Actually Could Pull Off A Trump-Style Upset

marine le pen


From the presidential campaign trail, the woman who may be chosen to lead France out of the morass that is the European Union, Marine Le Pen, spoke to an audience in the northern French city of Lille. Ms. Le Pen declared, “The European Union will die because the people don’t want it anymore. We’ll confirm once again that arrogant and hegemonic empires are destined to perish.”

Le Pen predicted, “We are going to change Europe, the idea of Europe, jeopardized by these grave diggers that are the federalists will be reenergized, revitalized in the Europe of the people, of foreign aids and of nations with our European allies.”

She added, “I am pleased with myself that thanks to us, thanks to you who are here today, thanks to all those who support our movement of national recovery. French people of the metropolis, from the overseas territories countries or from foreign countries. These globalists are watching us today in fear.”

And they should be. The globalists at Goldman Sachs missed the outcomes in Brexit and with the election of Donald Trump and they’re wary of repeating that mistake in France. Sentiments, trajectories and trends in that nation are remarkably similar to what happened in the US and in Britain.

Bobby Vedral, who heads Goldman Sachs’ MarketStrats group, was quoted on Monday as cautioning investors that “political correctness leads people to lie in the polls,” noting that many polls indicate a significant number of voters have yet to make up their minds. Those could easily be Le Pen voters who are a avoiding the conflict of stating their preference to what may be a judgmental leftist. They could also be late deciders, who would have been influenced by the recent London terror attack and any other subsequent incidents which are likely to occur.

He noted that with Le Pen expected to place second to the more centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron, nothing can be taken for granted. He wrote, “While the base case is that she won’t [win], it is at best naive, at worst negligent to assume she can’t.”

Clearly the globalists at Goldman Sachs were among those she was referencing regarding their present predisposition to hand-wringing and “watching in fear” from the shadows.

Verdal warned that many French voters who actually will end up voting for Le Pen are reluctant to do so in the polls. Nationalism and patriotism have become synonymous with racism and bigotry through the brainwashing efforts of the dishonest left.  He noted that historically, “Populist candidates benefit from the ‘shy vote.'”


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