Le Pen Strategy Of Appeasing The Left Played Into EU, Macron Globalist Hands

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Although Marine Le Pen did not win the presidency in Sunday’s election, she did garner over 34% of the vote, over twice the amount her father, Jean-Marie Le Pen, who formed the National Front in 1972, was able to win in his only instance of advancing into the second round of voting.

Reporter Anelise Borges noted that in her appearance just a few minutes earlier, Le Pen seemed “pretty proud of herself, pretty proud of what her party had achieved.” She continues, “Of course, she comes from this movement that, in the seventies was a fringe movement that gathered xenophobes and nationalists as well as Nazi collaborators, and she is a big responsible [sic] for the change in the image of the National Front.”

Borges reminds the audience that Le Pen took over leadership of the party in 2011 and then expelled her father from the party, attempting to sever association with what Borges described as “his hate-filled remarks.” Often, anything that doesn’t involve the attachment of one’s lips to a leftist or globalist derriere is often characterized as being hate-speech, particularly when it is in opposition to the global takeover.

Perhaps Le Pen shouldn’t have been so quick to dismiss her father from the party he created. She may have learned the lesson today that it is impossible to reason with leftists. Any concessions to them are not the acts of compromise but those of surrender and capitulation that will not be met with a corresponding response on their part.  

Borges describes it as having made the National Front “look much more presidential, look like a true possibility here for French citizens and that is obviously reflected in the results tonight.” She’s asked about the comments of Jean-Marie Le Pen about the campaign his daughter ran, saying that he wasn’t shy about expressing his opinion and that he didn’t like the strategy she had chosen.

The elder Le Pen described Marine Le Pen’s campaign as “too cool, too laid back, that she should have adopted a much more ‘Donald Trump style,'” although Borges notes that Le Pen “was very forceful in her opinions, she made it very clear what her ideals were.” She agreed that “Over the last few months we’ve seen a much more moderate Marine Le Pen, a Marine Le Pen who was trying to appease, appeal to all voters, especially once she made it through to the second round.”

Capitulation to globalists and leftists is merely an act of disengagement from the battle, of giving ground to your enemy. They cannot be reasoned with; they do not seek anything other than their objectives in their entirety, which can never be realized as they are constantly being expanded upon. They can only be defeated, a valuable lesson she will hopefully take with her into the continuing effort to save France and Europe from their would-be globalist masters.

Clearly Macron, the EU, UN and the globalist cabal will be engaged in the implementation of an aggressive plan to accelerate and expand the invasion in an effort to diminish native populations and seize full control of Europe over the next five years. Both Macron and an expected reelection of German Chancellor Angela Merkel will put them solidly in control for that period of time. If France and all of Europe can survive that onslaught they may still have a chance. That is a very big “if” and the mess left to clean up, if it can be corrected, will be much, much worse.

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  1. France, talk about people bless with the dumb ass.

  2. I’m pretty sure Macron’s win was not legitimate. I’d bet money that 0bama and Soros were involved in the casting and counting of the votes.

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