Le Pen Blisters Hollande And Merkel Over Sovereignty- Then Applauds His Pro EU Speech

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This speech by Marine Le Pen would have been a lot more convincing and the conduct logical if she had just sat quietly during the Hollande rebuttal. The exchange took place at the European Parliament in October of 2015, a time when the invasion was beginning to operate at full speed and the foreign dictates of the EU beginning to threaten the national security of member nations. Much of the problems were directly created by the policies of Merkel and Hollande.

Le Pen gave a fiery speech on the importance of sovereignty and was quite critical of Merkel, Hollande and others in the EU over their policies. She ridicules the motives for the visit by the leadership pair, saying, “You come here in a session to catch up, because your European Union is collapsing. Worsening migratory and economic assaults and obliged to maintain itself with blackmail, threats and intimidation.”

She called for “intelligent protectionism” in response to the difficulties the EU was experiencing at the time, which have gotten considerably worse in months since. She urged a total stop to mass immigration, a request that went unheeded. Le Pen attacked Angela Merkel rather personally for her policies of German domination of Europe. She attacked her own nation’s president as well, noting that Hollande is not representing the people of France. Le Pen declares that she is a representative of the people who turn their back on him.

Hollande offered a meandering rebuttal, that exhibited his political nature. He called for sovereignty of member nations, which Le Pen actually applauded, a promise that the politician never fulfilled and most certainly never had any intention to. He reminds those gathered of the horrors of the World Wars and the “value” of the EU in preventing a recurrence.

He criticizes Nigel Farage for his views that the only solution to the lack of sovereignty and the domination by other nations is to leave the EU. As he makes those remarks, Le Pen goes into a fevered applause, as if believing she can have some both independence and a strong EU. Hollande, a socialist, says he’s not calling for an abandonment of sovereignty but sovereignty itself. He’s apparently talking of European sovereignty, which is not national sovereignty and is in many ways its antithesis.

Le Pen’s reactions are confusing, particularly in view of her opening remarks and her stance on the issues these days. Hollande was making a call for less sovereignty and more invasion, two positions that were incompatible with her own stated positions.

Le Pen’s finally realized that the BS was what it smelled like and that the trust she placed in Hollande was a mistake. Perhaps the lessons of two years of invasion, foreign domination, an inability to take effective corrective action in the national best interest and watching as your nation is eaten out from the inside have sunk in. Le Pen may well replace Hollande as president and France may also follow Nigel Farage and Britain’s example in exiting the EU.

For all the effort the globalists have put into maintaining the regional government of the EU, it’s not a natural creation. It’s not capable of survival, at least not on a voluntary basis.

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