Lavrov Mocks Reporter – Maybe PUTIN and TRUMP Met a 4th Time, in the TOILET

sergey lavrov toilet

Those of us who grew up during the Cold War were taught that the Soviets and their satellite nations were inferior to us, part of the overall concept of American exceptionalism.

Now that the Soviet Union has fallen it seems that the news media has taken the mantle of inferiority for themselves. They seem determined to prove that when it comes to American journalism, the standard is exceptionally low and the objectivity requirements virtually nonexistent.

Soviet Foreign Minister Lavrov, the equivalent of our Secretary of State as their chief diplomat and senior foreign policy official, is interviewed by another American propagandist who, like the one before him and the one before that, can’t get unstuck from of the Russia, Russia, Russia muck.

Lavrov has some fun with this idiot, NBC’s Kier Simmons, in his sarcasm and simplistic example, both clearly intended to illustrate the stupidity of the line of questioning and the growing impatience of the Russians with the incessant beating of the rotting horse’s corpse.

The NBC hack completely misrepresents the sarcastic belittling of the premise of the questioning as a confirmation, saying, “And now, Russia’s Foreign Minister tells NBC “news” there may have been more meetings.” No, you pathetic moron, he’s making fun of your stupidity and you’re too stupid to realize it.

As the reporter is listing the three times the two leaders, Putin and Trump met, Lavrov delivers a jab, interjecting, “Well maybe they went to the toilet together, that was a fourth time.” Care to follow up on what they each did during that meeting, Kier? Are you interested in how long it lasted and who else might have joined them?

The reporter replies, “That’s my question. Did they meet other times in the hallways, were there other occasions when they met?”

Lavrov keeps it simple for the simpleton, giving him an analogy to kindergarten so he can follow it, asking if kindergarten students mix before they are allowed into the classroom. NBC’s finest somehow thinks that it being the G20 rather than a classroom changes the laws of physics or human nature, reminding the Foreign Minister, “It’s the G20, not a kindergarten.” He notes the obvious, that they gather before the event and cannot arrive all “at the same time in a bus.”

The conduct of the reporters certainly is kindergarten-like. Score two for Lavrov and the Russians. The American media was once again deservedly humiliated.

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