“Lame Brain” McCain Ignores Comey Confessions, Still Wants Select Committee

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John McCain has managed to gather himself after he put on a display of the ravages of dementia for all the world to see during the public hearings portion of the James Comey Senate testimony. There were a lot of loose thoughts drifting around in his head, many of them making their way through his mouth in a confusing mess of disjointed, barely comprehensible utterings.

McCain is engaging in some damage control, attempting to salvage what’s left of his reputation and dignity, proving he’s still the tough guy who is standing up to Putin on every front, even fronts where there is no Russian presence.

Despite more admissions on the part of James Comey now being added to the mountain of similar statements by other officials, McCain’s still calling for a select committee, which he will surely be a part of. Their purpose is clear, pretend to be conducting yet another investigation into the non-existent collusion, and to determine, in the conclusions of their investigation, that Russia is to blame. Whatever offense they’re ultimately able to cobble together, it’s already a foregone conclusion, Russia is behind it and McCain wants to see Putin punished.

The reporter asks him, “So what do you think the next stage of this is?” McCain says, “I’ve said for months, we need a select committee to investigate all the aspects of this. Every few days another shoe drops.” It doesn’t matter that it’s a completely fabricated shoe dropped by his leftist media propagandist allies, with the intent of damaging the President. That’s McCain’s intent as well and he’ll make the same allegations as the Democrats, similarly, with no insistence that they be factual.

Now that he’s had some time to clear the cobwebs away, McCain attempts to explain why he was so addle-brained in the hearings. He doesn’t do much better this time around. He asks the difference between the Clinton case in which she committed multiple treasonous espionage and pilferage felonies and the fabricated, still not a shred of evidence to support, allegations against President Trump.  If he still has to ask, it’s pointless to tell him.

McCain says he has “hundreds of outstanding concerns,” but he won’t bother her, it’s “all the other aspects of this thing,” and more of that shoes and gravity fetish perplexity.  Again, without naming a single shred of evidence or the “hundreds” of concerns he simply falls back to the typical Democrat/RINO methodology of generalized accusations without any substance.

He says, “It isn’t the same as Watergate, it isn’t the same as Iran  Contra, but it has the same earmarks of a new revelation every few days.” Those aren’t revelations, McCain, they’re unsubstantiated accusations, which are subsequently proven to be false. Maybe he’s too far gone to be able to tell the difference. The last place he needs to be is on a kangaroo select committee.

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