Lacking White Privilege Ruins July 4th For “Not Their Country” Cry Babies

black white privilege day

The brainwashed parasites that think everyone else owes them something, including a living and that whether they get their free stuff or not, they’re victims by virtue of the color of their skin don’t consider themselves to be Americans. That’s ok, we don’t either and they don’t deserve to be. But we also don’t accept their pathetic pity party arguments. We particularly recommend they stuff their accusations of white privilege into one of the many holes of theirs, either natural or unnatural. Maybe alongside the nose rings, those favored tools of the slave traders they claim to be so opposed to. 

The Obamaite that opens the black power piece says that the United States was founded on oppression, murder, colonization and rape and therefore we’re rotten at our core. The overwhelming majority of Americans have never done any of those things. Maybe she has and she’s probably right about being rotten at her own core. The external indicators all lean in that direction. Every war has those elements in them as does every conquest. There is no nation she could point or move to which would be free of that heritage, including those of Africa.

The girl with what looks like a dish rag rolled up on top of her head talks of what “she would imagine” celebrating Independence Day in America is like. She’d know if she chose to identify as an American. If she doesn’t that’s fine, just shut the septic, parasitic trap, and go someplace better – please. We’ve been told Kenya is great by some really high placed former officials in the Obama regime.

The guy sitting on the steps complains that “as a black man,” he wasn’t considered a citizen on July 4th, 1776, so he never can consider America his country. Clearly he’s still got a 3/5 of a person self-worth. They’re all a bunch of racists that have chips on their shoulders, even the soldier who admits he’s in the military for the wrong reason. We should be doing a better job of screening for military service and this guy, Kenyatta Brown, needs to be kicked out on his traitorous, racist butt.

The moron sitting on the steps, Justin Malone, says, “When I think of freedom, I should be able to run around just like the people are running up these stairs right now without thinking of, ‘Oh, I’m running, it’s late at night and a cop thinks that I’m running because I just committed a crime or something of that nature.'” Hey moron, you said like the people are running “right now,” and it’s daytime, not the middle of the night. If you are running in the middle of the night, that is cause for suspicion based upon statistics, not privilege. And it’s likely you’ll be stopped, no matter who or what color you are or how much privilege you think others have.

This script, these complaints, this whining is all pathetic. Whoever put this together should have taken more time to come up with some better life stories, real or fabricated. This garbage is what comes with growing up in a Democrat run urban environment, listening to Democrat drivel in liberal education/indoctrination institutions and having a history of dependency upon the government for everything.

Try accomplishing something yourself, you cry babies, and maybe you won’t begrudge the rest of us who try, who work, and who, whether we achieve or not, don’t place the credit or the blame on those around us.

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7 Comments on Lacking White Privilege Ruins July 4th For “Not Their Country” Cry Babies

  1. Richard Kartis // July 12, 2017 at 8:15 am // Reply

    I wasn’t here when 7/4/1776 happened. My relatives weren’t. It doesn’t “mean anything PERSONALLY to me” either. I can, however, in 2017, ACCEPT being an American (since I was born in 1955 in USA) or REJECT being an American for some personal, narcissistic, dopey, “look-at-me”, accept me dammit!, maybe an ancestor was a slave SOMEWHERE in the world, excuse-creator REASON!!

    And to ANYONE of ANY makeup in life who is living here and loves…LOVES playing the “WHATEVER” Card: F**k you 2x’s! ☺☺
    And , no, you DON’T NEED TO STAY HERE.

    [“Why you here, then?”]
    ((“YOU know WHY we here!!”))

    …. Cont’d….

    [“Yeah. All right. Differ people here due to differ reasons, right?”]
    ((“That’s true, yeah. But NOT for MY REASON, MY PEOPLE’S reasons!!”))
    [“Maybe. But don’t NOBODY gotta STAY in an ‘oppressive, racist, cracker-country’!
    “So, AGAIN: Why are you HERE!!???”]

  2. Buy them a big rowboat, load them up, and point them in the right direction. That’s more than they deserve!

  3. Skytrekker // July 5, 2017 at 10:12 pm // Reply

    I agree with Leah – free passage to their land of origin – a one-way ticket, plus citizenship in this “horrible” nation revoked with no rights of re-entry. And back in their homeland they can research the tribal chieftain who sold their ancestors, and why he did so. My bet is that the chief wanted to dispose of his most useless citizens and getting a few pounds for them was all gravy to him.

  4. How sad that their lives are so miserable! I propose that we establish a repatriation fund to pay their travel expenses to return to their nations of origin.

  5. Freddie Arthur Hisle // July 5, 2017 at 4:42 pm // Reply

    Rick, spot on, absolute morons.

  6. “We particularly recommend they stuff their accusations of white privilege into one of the many holes of theirs, either natural or unnatural.” LOL – I find comfort in your rage – it helps dissipate some of mine.

  7. they are just TO STUPID TO LEARN,

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