Kushner Visa Scandal Is President Trump’s Chance To Remove Family Swamp Creatures

kushner visa wh

kushner visa wh

Emily Rauhala, a reporter for the Trump nemesis Washington Post, provides some insight into what is likely going to become a significant self-inflicted wound for the Trump administration, one that came about not because of his work to make America great again on behalf of the American people, but because his liberal Democrat son-in-law under the cover of his sister, is out capitalize on his relationship with the President and his own position.

Whether he was actually attempting to make some major quick bucks selling actual influence, selling the claimed appearance of influence or somehow innocently using the image of the President in his promotion material, it’s a headache the President and we the American people neither need or want.

According to Rauhala, she and another reporter noticed an advertisement for a Kushner event inside an elevator in Beijing and inquired regarding the public event, noticing it featured a reference to Jared’s sister. The incentive that the function was based upon was the exploitation of the US EB-5 visa program, in which visas and the potential path to citizenship are essentially sold for $500,000 in investment in the US.

Kushner was allegedly packaging his influence, his projects and his ability to get the visas approved into a presentation to encourage investment in his construction projects in the US. Both Rauhala and her associate were asked to leave individually and much of the audio and video of the presentation was destroyed by Chinese event organizers on they were discovered and identified.

Regardless of whether President Trump had any knowledge that this was going on or not, it’s his problem now. The smart move for him to make is to get his daughter and her husband out of the White House and back in New York where they belong and to separate himself and our government from anything that has a Kushner or Invaka label attached to it.

We didn’t vote for a couple of tree-hugging liberal fat-cat Democrat insiders to attempt to turn our President’s administration into more of the exploitative business as usual. They are the swamp creatures we are fighting, though somewhat insulated due to their family relationship. They have abused the trust and their relationship to our President. It is now coming back to bite him and all deplorables in the backside. We don’t need the distraction and we don’t want them.

This is your opportunity, Mr. President, to gracefully remove your liberal daughter and son-in-law from the administration. Recognize that it was a mistake to bring them aboard and move on. We don’t have time for this nonsense or the other stuff that Kushner and Ivanka are pulling in attempting to sidetrack our agenda. They’re getting in the way and have now added even more disruption. The turmoil is not welcome and neither are they.

Both videos are CNN broadcasts. This plays right into the enemy’s hands and there is no chance President Trump will be able to simply dismiss this as fake news. It’s a real problem. 

Below is another CNN video with an “ethics expert” virtually accusing Kushner of soliciting a bribe.

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8 Comments on Kushner Visa Scandal Is President Trump’s Chance To Remove Family Swamp Creatures

  1. shirley roberts // May 10, 2017 at 7:46 pm // Reply

    CNN fake news spewing lies again. I see no proof, just talking heads showing still pictures but no video with the speech made.

  2. Shirley Freeland // May 9, 2017 at 11:55 pm // Reply

    President Trump needs to get rid of his son-in-law. His son in law is also
    trying to sway him on global warming and we know that it has been proven by scientists who aren’t bought by liberals climate change is a hoax and a way to get American money. We don’t support corruption and since Kushner is part of the government he needs to be eliminated along with Evanka if all this is true.

  3. Andrel Kalabine // May 9, 2017 at 9:59 pm // Reply

    Remove this sweet Jewish pair from WH politics President Trump or you lose your base’ support!

  4. Get Kushner out of there. Period. He’s part of the swamp that needs draining.

  5. Good piece, Rick. I hope the White House reads it.

  6. myworld2 // May 9, 2017 at 4:38 pm // Reply

    How sad …We didn’t vote for the family ..we voted for Trump … He will never go against them – and we have lost the influence of Bannon …..Pres. Trump would have fewer problems without them so much in the public eye …they are wonderful people – in spite of their different goals…and making sure they are protected would be a goal of anyone for their children …but , Mr President , such influence being close to our pres at this time in history …You have many pushing for your success and we trust your judgement ….but we all know – out here- – you must KEEP YOUR OWN COUNCEL – in spite of your personal relationships……think forward of the America your beautiful young son and grandchildren will be growing up in …we have trusted you ……no one else ….and can we – please see more of Malania ….

    • Actually you did vote for his family. They campaigned as a team from day one Jun. 16 ’15. His team consisted of his family, Hope, Corey Dan, and a few others. It did grow to become more of a conventional campaign with the addition of Kelly Ann. But his family never left campaigning along side of and for the President. BTW Bannon is still there doing his job despite “sources say” otherwise.

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