Kredo – Gen Flynn Just First Victim Of Obama Rhodes Propaganda Machine

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Former National Security Adviser General Mike Flynn was forced out of his position as the result of a successful, months-long campaign targeting him. Adam Kredo, senior writer for the Washington Free Beacon,  tells how the perpetrators at the top of the Obama regime were motivated by a variety of factors, most significantly among them their desire to protect the Iran deal.

One has to wonder the reason for their preoccupation with secrecy afterward Obama has left office. It’s almost as if they’ve got a personal stake in keeping something hidden. And maybe they’ve got mischief planned or underway for the interference in current or future events.

Both of those considerations are possible and their prospects enhanced in light of another bit of information that Kredo shares. He reveals the effort to by Obama operatives, including the ‘pretend’ President and Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes and others, to structure an echo chamber of the same type they used to create the negative propaganda campaign that ultimately led to General Flynn’s resignation. It would be used to attack the President on foreign policy after they’ve left office. So much for a peaceful, orderly transfer of power.

Kredo says, “A combination of that, them and their buddies in the press, that would be the New York Times, CBS, NBC, all of the players that you’re used to, CNN as well, and a combination of individuals in the IC community, these kind of faceless, nameless bureaucrats that are passing off classified information to these guys. They’re going to get placed in the press and, ‘lo and behold,’ you have Flynn with a negative campaign against him eventually forced to resign.”

Kredo reminds us that not only was Flynn a vocal critic of the Iran deal but he was “extremely hated by the Obama administration, he left in very poor circumstances and was very critical of them.” He notes  there are a number of secret side deals to the Iran deal, secrets which most members of Congress have never seen and which they aren’t allowed to discuss or in any way record, even though they aren’t classified.

Kredo believes that General Flynn was just the first of what is likely to be a steady stream of victims of the Obama subversion until they are swept from the ranks of the bureaucracy. He says, “Until these Obama holdovers and intelligence community kind of ‘deep state’ individuals are held to account these leaks will continue.”

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