Doesn’t Know Sessions After 20 Yrs – Feinstein Took A Week More, For Women

dianne feinstein


Dianne Feinstein has been a Senator since 1992. Jeff Sessions first became a Senator four years later, in the 1996 elections. While nobody has ever accused Feinstein of being overly perceptive or observant, even a subhuman chimpanzee can get to know people in twenty years. Feinstein is demonstrating we need some new terminology for US Senators, something along the lines of “sub-chimpanzee subhuman.”

The obstructionist Democrats are delaying a vote on one of their own, Senator Jeff Sessions. Their laughably weak argument that clearly exposes the delay tactic for what it is, is that they need more time to evaluate the nominee for Attorney General, their colleague in the Senate for twenty years.

Obviously aware of the absurd nature of her argument, Senator Feinstein offered a lame “justification” in her request, that they’ve done it for others nominees, although none of them are fellow Senators. She said, “As we have done for most nominees … I’m asking that the vote for Sen. Sessions be held over until next week.”

Sessions was supposed to receive the a committee vote on Tuesday morning, the first step en route to a full Senate vote. Under committee rules any Senator can request that a nomination be held over for a week if they are on the agenda for the first time. Nothing, including country, comes before politics for the commie Democrats, no matter how foolish or hypocritical they look in the process. Chairman Grassley granted her request and the first of their available stall tactics, just like a timeout in the fourth quarter was used.

The disingenuous idiocy got even more bizarre during the committee meeting as she babbled that lawmakers should take more time to review Senator Sessions’ nomination in the aftermath of the anti-Trump, anti-American Democrat and pro-Planned Parenthood demonstrations on Saturday.

The nearly brain-dead, over-the-hill Senator from San Francisco played the identity politics card, as is customary, saying, “[Women] have had to fight for everything we have won throughout history. Nothing has been easy,” as if any other group, including the always dismissed white males were handed anything. Were women prominent in the revolutionary, civil, 1812, Spanish-American or World Wars? No, you pathetic pandering ingrate. Those were fought by white guys, the very Americans you dismiss as being second or third class citizens as you elevate women and others beyond their deserved status.

Feinstein is incapable of shame, so she continued, “Our history in this march and what we’re going to do on the attorney general is really very important,” an apparent warning that more unfounded smears are in the works.

 Feinstein noted the Judiciary Committee has only had five female senators since the committee started and is demonstrating why that is one too many. Ever the sexist and racist, she pointed out that the committee currently has three female senators, the most the committee has ever had at one time. Who cares, it’s only relevant if you’re a sexist. What matters is managing the affairs of the nation and you, lady dunderhead, are not doing that.

Grassley noted on Tuesday he that expects the Alabama Republican to clear the committee next week as 50 votes are needed for approval and the Republicans have a 52 seat majority. Joe Manchin, the one reasonable Senate Democrat, has indicated that he will support Senator Sessions. It’s all a futile exercise intended to provide opportunities to demean and smear their opposition. We can hope the American people are watching and more critically, that they understand the embarrassing and shameful display that is taking place.

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