Klayman – Sessions Must Investigate Farrakhan, BLM, AntiFa Role In Charlottesville

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Lionel interviews Larry Klayman for Newsmax, starting things off with the departure of Steve Bannon from the Trump administration. Klayman says, “I’m sorry to see him go. He was the most vehement anti-establishment person in the White House.”

“I don’t know what went on there,” says Klayman, “but you need somebody like that next to President Trump. And of course he still has Stephen Miller, who is very similar to Bannon.”

He believes this is a result of “General Kelly having his way, and President Trump, of course is the guy who’s in charge. He’s not going to do what other people tell him to do if he thinks it’s wrong.” He note that sometimes President Trump might not be right, no one is right all the time. He says, “We need a clear vision, we need some organization, and let’s hope things go smoothly at this point.”

Klayman says, “The President needs to put the controversy of the past week behind him and move forward. And frankly he didn’t do anything wrong. I think what he said is absolutely right. There is guilt on both sides. He condemned the neo-Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan, but on the other side was Black Lives Matter and Farrakhan people and Sharpton people and I think they’re the flip side of the same coin. So he doesn’t need to apologize for that, let’s move on.”

Lionel quotes a claim by the Brookings Institute, which happens to be the libtard DC cesspool where Susan Rice is being paid to “think” liberal thoughts and come up with great ideas, that says President Trump has alienated so many Senators that he’s clinging to an impeachment cushion of only six votes.

Klayman notes their far-left nature, saying that President Trump, “Doesn’t need the Republican Party. Why would you need a worthless bunch of do-nothings on Capitol Hill, people who are just in it for themselves. And this week we saw, Lionel, how they ran for the exits, afraid that they would be called racists if they actually endorsed what the President said with regard to incorrect behavior on both sides.”

“And also,” Klayman points out, “The whole issue of Civil War statues. They simply have no guts, the American people see that, that’s why President Trump is the President, he didn’t really win because he was a Republican, he won because he represented the American people.”

Lionel brings up a piece that Larry Klayman wrote titled “Sessions abdicates his responsibility regarding Charlottesville.” He asks Klayman to explain his thesis. Klayman does so, saying, “Well, Jeff Sessions, who I happen to like as a person, I’ve known him since we were both young lawyers, he was quick to rush off and say they’re doing an investigation of what happened with regard to the white separatists the neo-Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan. And that should be done, that’s the role of the Justice Department, I’m a former Justice lawyer, I believe in the oaths of office that I took when I became a prosecutor.”

Klayman continues, “But he also needs to investigate what went on on the other side, with regard to Black Lives Matter, with regard to Farrakhan people, with regard to AntiFa, a radical leftist group that’s bent on overturning the government of this country.

Lionel points out that the ACLU had their hands in the mix, working with one of the many anti-American liberal judges to deny a request to move the event. He also raises the unlikely occurrence of people showing up in riot gear, the leftists and black supremacists, who were just there as peace loving historical revisionists who “just happened to go to the same army-navy store.”

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