Klayman – Leftist Judges Everywhere, Obama Hawaii Buddy A Complete Political Hack

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Larry Klayman and Steve Malzberg discuss the desperate state of the American judiciary, among other topics. Malzberg points out that the libtard mayor of Seattle has the distinction of being the first to file a suit against the DOJ for “the violation of their right to violate federal law” as it pertains to their status as sanctuary zones, cities, jurisdictions, or sewers, as is the case with Seattle.

They’re not challenging whether or not they are violating immigration law, only the aspect of whether the DOJ can withhold funding for law enforcement grants as a punitive action or to encourage compliance.

Malzberg notes that some of the sanctuary city mayors are choosing to use other words to describe the same thing though not changing their practices, as if that somehow lets them off of the hook. He notes how Andy McCarthy said on his program on Tuesday that it was not a slam dunk that the government would win.

Klayman prefaces his response with the observation, “Given the state of the judiciary today…I’d say about eighty to ninety percent of the judges in the lower courts were appointed by Bill Clinton or Obama, they are highly leftist. And we know that Washington State is extremely far left.

This is a very leftist place; it’s very possible that Seattle could win. It’s absurd and as far as the law is concerned it shouldn’t happen, but we know that these judges will bend the law.” He notes, “And then California is even worse. You’ve got the state legislature, which is 99% Democrat, colluding with the City of San Francisco to boycott companies that, in fact, participate in the moratorium on the travel ban, which is related to all of these sanctuary city issues and everything else. That’s actually an illegal boycott under anti-Trust laws.”

Malzberg interjects, “The judge in Hawaii now extending his order, solidifying it in effect and basically telling the Trump administration to go to the 9th circuit. So you talked about these left-wing activist judges, he’s another one, obviously.” Klayman observes, “It’s interesting, this judge is so way out, he’s such a political hack, this guy Watson, that I think even the 9th circuit will reverse him and despite the fact the 9th Circuit is pretty far left.”

“There are even some leftists on that circuit like Judge Gould, Ronald Gould, who actually follows the law. So I don’t think that this Hawaii hack judge who happens to be a friend of Obama, former classmate at Yale Law School, I don’t think that he’s going to prevail.”

“But he’s trying to make a name for himself, he’s hoping that if the Democrats win the next election in 2020 he might be catapulted up to the 9th Circuit or even the Supreme Court. This is a complete political hack, that’s all he is.”


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