Klayman – Intel Agencies More Powerful Than President – Jail Comey For Obstructing Justice

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Larry Klayman points out there were good reasons why Comey should have been fired, with his refusal to pursue information provided by NSA whistleblower Dennis Montgomery one of the most egregious.  

Klayman says Comey should not only have been fired but that “he should be called in to a grand jury and possibly prosecuted for criminal obstruction of justice. They’re talking  about President Trump obstructing justice, this morning in the Washington Post they’re suggesting that Attorney General Jeff Sessions obstructed justice. They actually furthered justice. They didn’t obstruct anything.”

He points to the hard left perpetrators, saying “It’s run by the Washington Post, New York Times, MSNBC, CNN and they want the head of the President and everybody around him.” Klayman says, “But let me give you the story. We represent a whistleblower by the name of Dennis Montgomery. He was an NSA, CIA contractor.

He came forward,” says Klayman, “with 47 hard drives, over 600 pages of information showing that President Trump, the Supreme Court justices, the Chief Justice himself, 156 judges, prominent businessmen and even yours truly, had been subject to illegal surveillance, under the 4th Amendment  unconstitutional, for years.”

Klayman says, “He had more information than Snowden. I got him immunity. He delivered all that stuff to Comey and his general counsel James Baker. They have sat on this investigation for two years, they have buried it, they’ve obstructed justice, and in fact it shows that what President Trump was saying is true, that he has been ‘wire tapped.’  And because Comey was only looking at this Russian connection and not investigating the illegal surveillance by the intelligence agencies, that was a primary reason why Comey was fired, and that’s legitimate.”

“It’s not enough that he’s fired,” says Klayman, “he should be subject to a grand jury, a criminal proceeding, and in my view, he should be indicted, convicted and he should be thrown in the slammer. Because this is very serious, it’s not just Trump but it’s hundreds of millions of Americans that have been going through this illegal surveillance for years.”

Klayman says that as far as he knows all of the information was turned over to the FBI although he has testified before the House and Senate Intelligence committees and Judiciary committees and requested that they preserve the documents. He calls the intelligence committees “a sham” that “they don’t want to push on the intelligence agencies because the intelligence agencies have dug up dirt on virtually everybody. And these politicians don’t want to risk exposing their boyfriends, girlfriends, whatever, to any kind of ridicule or whatever, and may have exposed crimes by these people.”

He says, “So there is a total, government-wide cover up of the misuse of the intelligence agencies, which are now more powerful than the President of the United States himself. This is the major scandal here, not so-called connections with the Russians.”

He asks to make another point, wondering when Russia became a concern for the left and noting that Bernie Sanders even took his honeymoon there. He says Moscow to the left is like Mecca to the socialist and communist leaning Democrats, calling their feigned outrage “leftist BS intended to bring down the President of the United States.”

Klayman says it’s a war between left and right and “it’s either them or us at this point.” He says it’s gone beyond the pale “when the Washington Post is claiming that the President and Attorney General obstructed justice, when in fact it’s James Comey who has done so, this is an outrage.”

The interview beings at the 2:12 point in the video.

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