Klayman Appeal, Ethics Complaint Against Obama Judge In Clinton Benghazi Cover Up

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Larry Klayman speaks out on the ruling by an Obama appointed, planted is a more accurate description, federal judge, Amy Bernard Jackson. She’s the latest to issue an erroneous decision in order to cover the criminal actions of Hillary Clinton, Hussein Obama and the corrupt Democrat political machinery.

In the introduction the host points out that the judge refused to address the fact that Hillary Clinton lied to the world in claiming that the cause of the attack was an internet video, which is far from the most egregious component of the judge’s actions.

Klayman notes first of all the that so-called judge was appointed by Obama, who issued the opinion on the eve of Memorial Day, which he says was extremely vindictive. He asks, “Why would you do that on Memorial Day when Ty Woods was a Navy SEAL and, in fact, Charles Woods is a Gold Star family member.” He adds that Sean Smith was an undercover CIA agent who was also killed.

The host points out that the judge “went out of her way to avoid commenting or noting what Mrs. Clinton’s comments were after the Benghazi attack,” that she just didn’t make a comment about the lie. Klayman agrees, saying it defamed his clients, who were being called liars when Clinton was in fact lying herself.

Klayman moves on to the wrongful death claim, illustrating the nature of the duplicitous ruling, noting that the Clinton email had admittedly been hacked five times, including once by the FBI, “that led to terrorists knowing the whereabouts of Ambassador Chris Stevens, which resulted in the deaths of our clients.”

Klayman points out the ludicrous nature of the judge’s ruling, her claim that Clinton “did that within the scope of her government authority as Secretary of State. But to use a private email server is not part of her duties as Secretary of State. So we said, ‘No, she’s not immune from that either.'”

“But more important,” says Klayman, “The judge would not even allow for a deposition to be taken, which is required when the government tries to step in and say, ‘Well, this defendant is acting within the scope of her authority and we’re going to assume the defense. That’s what the Obama Justice Department tried to do.”

He adds, “So the decision was entirely wrong,” although this is now the Trump Justice Department, not the Obama Justice Department. It’s natural for him to see it that way, since it’s still staffed with Obama holdovers and abuse of power still running rampant.

Klayman confirms he’ll be filing an ethics complaint in response. He says, “This judge is part and parcel to the 70 to 80 percent of judges that are on the bench today that run interference for Obama, Clinton and everybody else, the 70 percent nominated by the Clintons and the Obamas.

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