Rep Steve King – Trump Must Reverse Amnesty Course Or GOP Done In 2018, 2020

steve king

Alisyn Camerota opens the conversation with Rep Steve King (R-IA) by asking, “What did you just hear the President say?”

King replies that “You have to interpret what you hear him say, and wanting a big or  a large or a massive border security deal that doesn’t address domestic enforcement. It doesn’t really even tell us what the border security might be.”

“And if we don’t build a wall all the way through, then the rest of it is subject to prosecutorial discretion. His, as it was under Barack Obama or the next President. So, I think something’s going to have to be reversed here with this President’s policy or it’ll just blow up his base. I mean this was a  straight up promise all the way through his campaign.”

King says, “I don’t think it’s unclear to anybody what those campaign promises were.  But it looks to me like he’s preparing to keep Hillary Clinton’s campaign promise rather than his own.” She asks if King buys the Trump claim that the ongoing renovation of existing fencing is the same as the wall that was promised.

Rep King replies,  “Well not at all.” He compares that claim to fixing up an old jalopy rather than coming through with a new car that was promised and that folks are trying to redefine in a variety of ways what a wall means. During the campaign Trump was very clear on the meaning of his “big, beautiful wall.”

Congressman King makes an excellent point, that he’s been trying to identify, inquiring of White House officials, who the “Wall Czar” is, the project manager in charge of getting this major project done. He’s determined there is not one, saying, “and I’ve drilled deeply, and I’ve have promises that they would come to me and I can’t get those answers. I want to see the plans, I want to see what plans have been approved.”

King says, “I’ve worked for thirty years to restore the respect for the rule of law, especially with regard to immigration. And we were on the cusp of doing that until the Trump announcement the other day on DACA and now it looks to me like things are going downhill pretty fast and we better put it back together or the Republicans will be done in 2018 and 2020.”


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