Rep Steve King – Trump Amnesty Deal Has BLOWN UP Base, No Promise Credible

steve king

Rep Steve King is a stalwart, trusted defender of American sovereignty and an immigration hawk, probably the most committed to border security and immigration enforcement of any member of Congress. The news of President Trump’s illicit dinnertime deal with “Chuck and Nancy” to emulate Obama and legislate his amnesty didn’t go over well.

President Trump’s agreeing to Democrat amnesty demands is bad enough and a betrayal of a campaign promise in its own right. He compounded that offense against the American people by refusing to demand that they compromise with him on the border wall.

That’s a two-fer against the American patriots from the man they trusted, the man they believed in to return our nation to the people, President Trump. Clearly we may have misjudged the President.

Upon hearing the news representative King tweeted, “@RealDonaldTrump If AP is correct, Trump base is blown up, destroyed, irreparable, and disillusioned beyond repair. No promise is credible.”   [TWEET BELOW]

That’s about as succinctly and all encompassing of a tweet as one will ever read. The base is blown up for certain. He’ll now likely continue to align himself with the Democrats on even more issues and reward them for obstructing his agenda with his support of theirs.

Was this the reason he brought globalist into the White House and kept the Obama holdovers in place? If his is to become a third Obama term then the idea doesn’t seem so ludicrous and it’s the only sensible explanation for the staffing decisions and the reluctance to prosecute Democrat offenders.

Were we played? Was the reason so many things didn’t add up because huge pieces of the puzzle were missing such as the true agenda and President Trump’s real positions and intentions? These are not questions anyone who supported President Trump ever wanted to ask but his actions have made it impossible not to.

This is not a good day for America and it is a particularly dark one for those of us who campaigned hard for President Trump. He didn’t make his promises to Congressional Republicans, the same useless swamp creatures he thinks he’s gotten the better of. He made them to the American people who believed him. They are the people he has turned his back on. Two of his most solemn pledges have been tossed out like last week’s garbage.

Rep King said the relationship with the President is irreparable. Time will tell, it’s certainly very damaged. Whether or not he follows through with the threatened bad deals will tell us if it can be salvaged rather quickly. As for no promise being credible. King’s right, if he’ll turn his back on his word in these cases, he’ll betray us on anything.

President Trump may not yet realize what he’s unleashed upon himself, but he soon will. 


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14 Comments on Rep Steve King – Trump Amnesty Deal Has BLOWN UP Base, No Promise Credible

  1. i think Carter is RIGHT ON THIS ISSUE.

  2. I don’t like this guy, but he may have a good point here:

    Former US President Jimmy Carter repeated his assertion that the US works more like an “oligarchy than a democracy,” while also lambasting Trump’s “hopeless” approach to the increasing tensions with North Korea.

    The former president was speaking at a ‘Conversation with the Carters’ event at his Carter Center in Atlanta on Tuesday. AP reports that he said money in politics is what makes the US more like an oligarchy – run by a small group of rich people – rather than a democracy, repeating an allegation he has vociferously uttered for a few years.
    “[Money in politics] violates the essence of what made America a great country in its political system.

    Now it’s just an oligarchy with unlimited political bribery being the essence of getting the nominations for President or being elected President. And the same thing applies to governors, and U.S. Senators and congress members.


  3. Just received this by email. From the Trump-Pence site


    There’s been a lot of noise today and a lot of rumors.

    Let me set the record straight in the simplest language possible…


    Apparently, liberals in Congress and the mainstream media need one more reminder that building the wall is non-negotiable.

    So please, sign our petition to demand that we BUILD THE WALL.

    Thank you,

    Donald J. Trump
    President of the United States

    • I would ask him when he plans to start and if he is so blind as to not see the huge leverage opportunity he’s simply giving away by not addressing it with his out of the blue amnesty. This is typical DC Swamp Speak – word parsing and generalizations. where’s the funding? Who’s in charge of the project?

  4. The latest from our President.
    No deal was made last night on DACA. Massive border security would have to be agreed to in exchange for consent. Would be subject to vote.
    3:11 AM – Sep 14, 2017
    10,312 10,312 Replies 13,865 13,865 Retweets 47,853 47,853 likes
    Twitter Ads info and privacy
    Donald J. Trump ✔ @realDonaldTrump
    The WALL, which is already under construction in the form of new renovation of old and existing fences and walls, will continue to be built.
    3:20 AM – Sep 14, 2017

    But he also tweeted that no one wants to kick the “Dreamers” out of the U.S.

    Donald J. Trump ✔ @realDonaldTrump
    Does anybody really want to throw out good, educated and accomplished young people who have jobs, some serving in the military? Really!…..
    3:28 AM – Sep 14, 2017
    33,126 33,126 Replies 14,457 14,457 Retweets 60,838 60,838 likes
    Twitter Ads info and privacy
    Donald J. Trump ✔ @realDonaldTrump
    …They have been in our country for many years through no fault of their own – brought in by parents at young age. Plus BIG border security
    3:35 AM – Sep 14, 2017

    The part concerning DACA is what really bothers me and I will never support him on this. Who will vet the DACA of 800,000 that should not be on this?

  5. He made them to the American people who believed him.

    Spot on! I think people are still awed by the rhetoric and chants. Let’s see what happens when he formally breaks his promise.

  6. what the heck is this, no DACA, send all of them home. why should we be payiweng to support them while we send them to Harvard. build that wall now. we can’t trust the democrats or the republicans, now we can’t trus Trump?

  7. Thomas A Oakley // September 14, 2017 at 10:41 pm // Reply

    Well I am totally taken back by trumps actions to date. I guess he is turning into a politician (not a man of his word). Is he only paying attention to what his so called advisors (swamp people) are telling him, along with his daughter and son in law? What he did in the business world (compromise) does not work with liberals/democrats and new world pushers. Maybe it is time to start that third party that was once talked about, only we would have to be very select in who is let into it, since we have the democrats/republicians/as a example of what can happen with the wrong people in charge.

  8. We can’t stand up and fight without organization and leadership. The last time I looked, we don’t have either of them.

  9. I supported Mr Trump from the Git-go and really thought he was one man who would not cave. I don’t like what I’m hearing at this point but I’m going to lay in the weeds for a bit. I am no Rep King fan and do NOT trust him, so I will straddle the fence for a bit.

  10. don’t DESPAIR SAnnSM.

    • We can’t stand up and fight without organization and leadership. The last time I looked, we don’t have either of them.

  11. President Donald J Trump just lost the millions of people who voted for him. I am ashamed that I wanted him to run even before he announced. If all of this is true which I believe Steve King unless the information he has received is not totally factual then we are finished. Promises mean nothing from Donald J Trump, not the president we voted for. The shame will be on him but we will pay the price of a lost country that will never recover.

  12. well.
    seems maybe i MISPLACED MY VOTE? but time will TELL.
    i know i am not the only one who feels BETRAYED RIGHT NOW.
    right now i think the SWAMP IS WINNING, AND I DON’T LIKE THIS ONE BIT.

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