Rep King – No Amnesty Is Acceptable – Let DACAs Stay In The Shadows For Now

steve king amnesty

In the clip before the interview starts, President Trump is heard modifying his previous position of the wall “will come later” to “if we don’t have the wall we’re doing nothing.” It’s not a consistent statement on its face.

From the sounds of that adjustment by President Trump, the wall is now part of any DACA Package. That was not the original White House position. The statement by Marc Short, President Trump’s Director of Legislative Affairs, indicated the opposite was the position of the administration, not to tie amnesty to the border wall.

Shortly after the announcement by Schumer and Pelosi that they had gotten everything they wanted in amnesty concessions in their dinnertime deal with President Trump and that it was now just a matter of putting it on paper and having the vote, Sarah Huckabee Sanders issued an early correction.

She stated in a Sept 13th tweet, ” While DACA and border security were both discussed, excluding the wall was certainly not agreed to.” It’s unlikely that, if the wall had been included all along as a conditional requirement for the Trump amnesty support, the tweet would have merely said excluding it wasn’t included. It would have stated the opposite, that it was included.

Clearly the uproar convinced President Trump there is wisdom in treading more lightly on his base, or perhaps not at all.

Sarah Sanders says in the video that the deal has to include what she vaguely describes as “massive border security” which is a cop-out, a way around the real massive border security of the wall we were promised. She goes on to name a few things they’d like to include as a trade-off for not doing the wall now and likely ever. Again those statements indicate the wall was not, as is now claimed, part of the deal until President Trump’s base revolted.

She mentions an end to sanctuary cities, expedited removal, more immigration judges, and supporting things like the Raise Act.”

Prosecuting one or two criminal mayors or police chiefs as an accessory for the crimes of the illegal they ordered released and under other applicable statues, with incarceration, is an option available to the AG at any time. It would immediately eliminate the sanctuary city problem. Gregg Jarrett recommended such action on Lou Dobbs’ program.

Rep Steve King, who opposes amnesty for illegal aliens regardless of what smiley face or cute acronym a slick political operative might choose to attach to them, isn’t impressed by the new requirements being touted by Sanders in her press briefing.

King says he believes he understands the President on this, “His heart kind of overruled his campaign promises and he served up DACA to Congress and threw it out and said ‘Well I’m going to keep my campaign promise this way, eight months late with a six month delay.'” He equates tossing it to Congress in this manner to throwing a cat into a dog kennel.

King educates MacCallum that the debate is still starting with amnesty and now it doesn’t even include the border wall, or at least the Democrats have refused and President Trump appears, aside from his denial, to have accepted that refusal to this point.

King knows that the sellout establishment RINOs and Democrats want open borders and they want amnesty. They will never agree willingly to a wall. That is why they always insist on the simultaneous rollout at best or leading with amnesty, followed by obstructionism on the wall, fence and other border security measures.

As she signs off the interview MacCallum attempts to determine what Rep King would do with the 800,000 DACA individuals in the US today. Aside from not issuing them any documentation, King makes a very valid point.

He says, “They came here to live in the shadows. That was the objective of the crime in the first place was to live in the shadows. So it’s not inhumane to allow that to continue until we restore the respect for the rule of law in America.”



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