Kim Can’t Back Up His Threats – North Korean Missile Fails Immediately After Launch

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A North Korea Missile Launch can sometimes be a lot like shooting yourself in the foot. Lately the most dangerous place to be during a missile test has proven not to be near the target, but rather in the general proximity of the launch area. That reality held true once again today as there are reports of the fulfillment of a promised ballistic missile launch by North Korea, which then quickly blew up.

Somewhere there are some North Korean generals and engineers saying goodbye to their families for what is probably the last time.

As much as his appearance might argue to the contrary, Kim Jong-un doesn’t like being made to look foolish and he’s invested an awful lot of time and effort into his bravado and threats against the West. As recently as a day earlier Kim had brashly threatened to use nuclear weapons against the US and our allies.

The very missile believed to have been involved in the failed attack was displayed during a Saturday ceremony that was designed as part of the pre-game performance, the buildup to crazy Kim launching his attack on the West. It coincided with the 105th birthday of his dictatorial grandfather, who started the dynastic regime.

The Sunday launch of the unidentified missile was detected as originating in the eastern North Korean port city of Sinpo, according to reports from the South Korean Defense Ministry. It was later confirmed by US Navy Commander Dave Benham, who was quoted by Reuters as saying, “The missile blew up almost immediately.”

That same fate was suffered during their most recent previous test, on March 22nd. Regarding that incident, the US Pacific Command issued a statement saying the missile “appears to have exploded within seconds of launch.”

You might say their ballistic missile program is having trouble getting off the ground.  Maybe we have a way of making that happen or it could be that they’re just not very good at what they do. Creating knock-offs of Chinese knock-offs isn’t starting with the bar in its highest possible standards.

Kim might want to reevaluate his aggressive “macho-boy” stance.  He’s looking like he’s all mouth, and a guy with plenty of volunteers willing to shut it for him.


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2 Comments on Kim Can’t Back Up His Threats – North Korean Missile Fails Immediately After Launch

  1. I wouldn’t trust this joker at all. Just deal with him once and for all.

  2. Hadenoughalready // April 16, 2017 at 10:54 am // Reply

    Who knows, maybe it’s not incompetence at all. Maybe, like Hitler’s V2 program, it was sabotaged by his own people. After all, none of them want their country obliterated. They know they don’t stand a chance against the combined offense of the US and China; let alone Japan entering the fray.

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