Kid Embarrasses CNN With Fake News White House Sucker-Punch

kid photo bomb cnn


As Jim Acosta, the face of CNN’s fake news and “very fake news” spats with President Trump, reported on the Easter festivities from outside of the White House, a young visitor took it upon himself to express a similar opinion to Acosta’s audience, limited as it might be.

The female bobble head rambles on about the “stark relief, the juggling act that every President has to do, in taking questions on North Korea as the tensions rise there, and presiding over, as I said, the least tense, or should be, presidential duties, the Easter egg roll.”

As she is doling out the pointless blather, a young MAGA man peeks his head out from behind Acosta, who is focused on the camera. He mouths the words “fake news” from between the two script readers. He then forms the shape of an “X” with his arms, indicative of some sort of message to cancel or eliminate the propagandists or their drivel.

For those that missed it the first time, he quickly returns and delivers the same “fake news” critique once again before turning the stage over to another young man who was also interested in making a statement by photo bombing the propagandists.

The other boy held up his index finger in a scolding manner, as if to say “yeah, that’s you” or something along those lines. No narrative, audible or inaudible, was provided by the second kid, so we’re left to our own devices and imaginations as to what he was specifically intending to say. Odds are it’s going to be along the same lines as his buddy, a “yeah, what he said,”  of some type.

CNN is increasingly finding themselves justifiably branded as “the” source for fake news, a moniker they’ve demonstrated is well-earned with great frequency. In their next live shot from the White House, they might want to stand against a wall or bring a background. Either that or they could stop making things up and beating the daylights out of half truths. If they don’t, they’ll have to get used to being mocked during their broadcasts, even by little kids.


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