Kessler Briefing Overrun By VIGILANTE MOB – Again POLICE Protection INSUFFICIENT

kessler mob attack

If this is the kind of “protection” an obvious target of the radical violent left is provided by the Charlottesville Police, it’s not hard to imagine how little was done yesterday to ensure the safety of “Unite the Right” participants. When Governor Terry McAuliffe made his speech following the incident, placing the blame on his political enemies, he had overwhelming protection. Despite his history, and although he should be, he’s not the kind of target this man is. Through no fault of the individual officers, the response is inadequate. They’re not being allowed to do their jobs and their own safety is being put at risk in the process by their leadership.

These same police who attempt to prevent attackers from physically assaulting and committing battery upon event organizer Jason Kessler as he was attempting to give a statement regarding the events, are the ones who were supposed to be guaranteeing the event’s participants’ safety the day before. The protection appears disorganized and significantly understaffed. The officers’ numbers are insufficient to permit them to take action against the any but the most violent of the leftists, who are once again clearly the aggressors.

Rather than joining ranks around Kessler as one often sees in situations such as this, their numbers appear insufficient to allow them to do so and no exit plan appears to be being followed. They leave him, to a degree, meandering on his own, until one officer takes him by the arm and attempts to help escort him to safety. This is an obvious reflection on the corrupt, politically motivated department leadership, and certainly a deliberate effort to allow the mob to get a few shots in on Kessler by Gov McAuliffe and Mayor Signor.

Some officers can be seen holding off part of the mob as another part chasing Mr. Kessler passes within their perimeter. They’re all over him and the unfortunate officers who find themselves in the line of fire are likewise at risk of injury. Eventually, after great personal danger to Kessler and the officers as well, and a considerable amount of time has passed, the State Police are allowed to come in with their shields and separate the prey from the leftist predators.

Maybe McAuliffe or Signor wanted to teach Kessler a lesson about coming to “their city.” Clearly the corrupt government leaders haven’t learned anything from their antics of the day before, in which their withholding of protection led to the marauding mobs of leftist roaming the streets, and one of their agitators being killed.

It’s against Federal Law for the mayor and governor to withhold police protection

Withholding police protection, even for corrupt Democrats creating a political advantage, is a violation of Kessler and all of those affected’s civil rights under the Color of Law Statute, as indicated on the FBI website. It states, “The public counts on its law enforcement officials to protect local communities. If it’s shown that an official willfully failed to keep an individual from harm, that official could be in violation of the color of law statute.”

They not only appear to be guilty of that type of offense in this instance with Mr. Kessler, but also in the situation yesterday in which they forced the “United the Right” participants out into an ambush with leftists brought in to disrupt the event, at Mayor Signor and Governor McAuliffe’s likely invitation. Perhaps AG Sessions’ investigation will allow that truth to come out.

The message being sent out loud and clear by this sanctioned attack on Kessler and the Saturday incident is that those the mayor and governor don’t agree with are denied or provided with limited police protection. They’re also denied their constitutional rights, particularly the first amendment.

If you believe in American sovereignty and are against submission to a global government, or the destruction of white heritage and history in this nation, you’re not welcome. Stay out of Charlottesville and Virginia or be prepared to face violence and abuse, sanctioned by the corrupt governor and his minions abusing their authority in public office.

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7 Comments on Kessler Briefing Overrun By VIGILANTE MOB – Again POLICE Protection INSUFFICIENT

  1. I have only two questions for President Trump. Where is the condemnation for the BLM, Antifa and other groups of the left destroyers who were attacking people with fire, urine, feces and more unknown liquids? AND where is JUSTICE for the whites who had a permit to protest peacefully until the Mayor of Charlottesville and the Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia removed Police protection? They both violated a Federal Law by doing so.

    I am not a racist, I am not a ‘White Supremacist, I am not a neo-Nazi I am a ‘WHITE’ and I am tired of the ‘WHITE’ people being attacked by the BLM, Antifa and any Soros group that he supports. One fool that drives his vehicle into a group of people will now label every white person that you name in your speech as being racist, white supremacy, neo-nazi and be attacked for something the majority of whites did not do.

    I have one more question for you. Do you understand why the push for destroying the ‘white race’? If you do then I would like to know what your reason is unless you do not believe it is happening and if you do not believe it I wonder how you could possibly miss how obvious it is. I believe my 77 years of being in this world gives me the right to ask questions and expect an answer. ******************** I sent this through the White House site where people can send their comments to President Trump through the following website:

    • he’s playing survival politics now – good questions SAnnSM – let me know when he responds – I won’t be holding my breath

      • I am not holding mine either Rick! But at least I have been on the White House website giving him my opinion as he wanted us all to do. No response ever though and I would be surprised if the comments are even shown to him.

  2. The Mayor of Charlottesville and the Governor of Virginia ought to be ashamed of themselves, ashamed of their state and ashamed of their city. The police “protection” provided were absolute cowards and not up to the standards of law enforcement across the country. Freedom of Speech (especially a press conference) is a guaranteed right of the Constitution, and these people have all disgraced the great country of the United States of America!

  3. It seems apparent that the city knew there would be violent aggression against the lawful demonstration and should have had the national guard out if they really wanted order. I have yet to see a change in direction in protecting “patriots” and we still have the enabling of BLMers throughout the country.

  4. Good will always overcome evil. Wait on the Lord.

  5. Quit making excuses for the cops. If there is a high speed chase or office needs assistance half the police force will be involved, to hell with policy or orders. These guys love their pensions and are worthless government bottom feeders keeping the system in $. If they gave a crap they could make it very tough for the politicans. Blue flu,etc

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