Kerry’s Reptilian Highlights – Tongue-Lashing Israel And Himself

john kerry tongue


The history of reptilian throwback John Kerry’s inability to keep his tongue inside his mouth is well documented. Whether it’s evidence of an internal battle going on between different components of his DNA or just bad manners along the lines of harvesting morsels from one’s nostrils for consumption, it’s a distraction from his message. His thinking is a hard enough line of perversion to follow under the best of conditions.

In this speech of 73 minutes, half of which was compiled into the air-tasting exercise below, our illustrious Secretary of State once again appears to be characteristically oblivious to his appearance and how unprofessional, poorly groomed and in-bred he looks. Then again, when you were dealt the collection of spare parts he was is it any wonder that appearance might naturally gravitate to little more than a consideration of whether today is a “pink tie” day?

From his efforts to obstruct the investigation into the crimes of Hillary Clinton  to his shady deals with the Iranians to his million dollar no-bid contracts to his daughter’s “humanitarian organization” through the United Nations, everything about this guy is serpentine and crooked. It’s only natural that there would be some evolutionary manifestations in his appearance and mannerisms.

Kerry doesn’t just hang his tongue out there like an idiot, although his words indicate those days might be just around the corner, Kerry flicks his tongue in a definite snake-like manner. A glass of water might have been a wise addition to his speech preparations, but it wouldn’t have stopped the tonguing. That’s how John Kerry talks. Sometimes it seems as if he’s actually chewing his tongue or that he’s got two tongues in there fighting with one another for oral supremacy.

Kerry’s beyond retirement home material; his time is at hand. He’s should be somewhere where he can be wheeled around in a wheel chair, free to mistake other patients’ bedpans for his bicycle helmet and berate them about how they’re missing the mark for adherence to his plan for properly living out their final days.

It’s the closest thing there is to the UN, and his days there are numbered.

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