Kerry – Society To Blame For “Extremism” And Not Buying His Great Climate Lie

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Double talking globalist John Kerry went on Meet the Press to try to stir opposition to President Trump’s throwing of a lifeline to American sovereignty, the exiting of the global welfare and wealth redistribution program falsely identified as the Paris climate accord. Kerry has a long history of pillaging America for personal again and this globalist mechanism he and anti-American comrade Hussein Obama shackled us with was a cash jackpot that now won’t be paying off.

Before Kerry is given the opportunity to do what he came to do and attack Donald Trump, Chuck Todd asks him about the London terrorist attack and comments made by Prime Minister Theresa May that “for too long there’s been too much tolerance of this extremism in the UK.” He asks, “Is she right?”

Kerry wouldn’t want to alienate his Iranian cohorts or family members, so he’ll dance around that question, comparing their situation to the United States when that wasn’t asked. He talks of their having “a longstanding problem with respect to greater levels of alienation, a harder time [than who?] assimilating into the broader British society, a lack of similar opportunity, so there are a lot of ingredients.” None of those ingredients are the fault of the Islamists who take advantage of the generosity and foolishness of the Brits, it’s British Society that’s to blame, he would have us believe.

He then goes on to say that the worst thing we could do is ban the terrorists and their countrymen, many of them who are supporters of their crimes, from entering the rich killing fields of our free societies. The only “logical” option, according to this freak show reject, is to bring them in and then bend over backwards to make them like us. Maybe then they’ll decide not to kill us.

The reptilian tongue flicking wildly, Kerry says, “In too many places you’ve got, in too many places, in too many parts of the world, you’ve got a large gap between governance and people.” He says, “This is the same problem of people living in isolation, not feeling as if they have a sufficient stake in their society, in their world, that life is worth living.” And they all happen to be Muslims, Kerry, so maybe that plays a role in their thinking as to why life isn’t worth living and should likewise play a role in our determining who crosses our borders.

After showing a Kerry quote predicting the Republicans were doomed politically due to their position on climate change, Kerry is asked if he regrets not making it a treaty and seeking ratification, to which he acknowledges it didn’t have the support. They didn’t expect a patriot to get into the White House, so it wasn’t the issue at that time it has turned out to be now.

The elitist who’s “so much more enlightened than commoners” says he presumed that common sense, basic economics and science would ultimately prevail. Actually, Lurch, they did prevail, and you can throw national sovereignty onto the list as well. Those are the reasons President Trump pulled us out of it.

He asks a long list of “what does Donald Trump know that [insert name here] doesn’t know” questions. It may not be what be a difference in what he knows as much as what he’s willing to take action against, the fundamental transformation of America from a sovereign nation into a parasitic host to the world. To whatever degree some of those he names may be naive, the answer is the Paris accord was a communist wealth redistribution scam. He should know already, he helped engineer it.

Todd asks Kerry why his message hasn’t penetrated “red America.” Kerry won’t admit the obvious, that we recognize that he’s full of crap and lying, instead droning on that “there’s an anger and a frustration in a lot of parts of America by average folks who have felt like they’re getting screwed by the government and by life over the course of the past years.”

We have been getting screwed, Kerry, and you’re the guy who is often holding the screwdriver, he was pushing all of the list of problems that he says created the lack of trust in government. Is the former richest man in the Senate counting on being able to walk away from his part in the destruction and pilfering of America?  

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6 Comments on Kerry – Society To Blame For “Extremism” And Not Buying His Great Climate Lie

  1. Thomas Oakley // June 5, 2017 at 11:02 pm // Reply

    A question I have is: would the act of treason by a member of the military run out or could the actions this thing did still be charged against him, and of course jane fonda also. Also has he not done some illegal acts while our so called sec of state that could also meet the high crimes requirement for a treason charge also?

  2. TONYA PARNELL // June 5, 2017 at 2:56 pm // Reply

    This is the idiot who thinks our refrigerator and air conditioner is worse than ISIS

  3. shirley roberts // June 5, 2017 at 1:52 pm // Reply

    Totally agree with you Rick on that and more. We are NOT stupid, we are smarter then he wants us to be.

  4. Kerry, there has not been “extraordinary screening”, as you say. Explain the groups of “refugees” coming into airports after dark, to avoid detection from the masses of Americans who would see these sick, dirty “refugees” in the day light. After arrival these people were then taken to a place where they received their passports, money and, yes, their S.S. Now I know why my wife, who is definitely disabled, cannot get her Social Security. It’s because of the masses of “refugees” that have entered this country that get our money that WE paid into Social Security without earning it! How did this “extraordinary screening” take place for these Syrian “refugees”? Did Assad give his okay to allow these investigators to push past ISIS and gather the necessary information for these “refugees” to be vetted? Uhhhh… NO! They were not freaking vetted! You, Hussein, Clinton and others are making money on these “refugees” coming into America. They are your cash cows!! The only reason employers are hiring them is for the government subsidies these employers are getting. They cannot communicate in our language nor can we communicate in THEIR language, either. It’s a shame that you have turned against this great country and Americans. If you could have only pulled your head out of Hussein’s anal cavity, you might have remembered that you were once an American that people respected and that you were working for the American people. Cry me a river, Kerry, because I don’t give a damn about what you have to say…

  5. Kerry is the same freaking idiot who gave himself medals during the Vietnam conflict, then threw them over the fence of the White House!!! This fool is a total nut job!!!! I have friends who are Vietnam Vet’s who would kick his pansy a$$ as far as they could after what he did to them!!!!

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