Kerry Always Busy Tongue Has Extra Hyperactivity Issues During Speech

john kerry


John Kerry has that, endearing, serpentine habit that makes him unique among “leaders” on the world stage and a genuine chick magnet, that of sticking his tongue out between words as he’s speaking. But there’s more going on here in this speech than his typical testing of the air for nearby rabbits or field mice. He’s putting on a show with a tongue that is in perpetual motion.

With the deftness of a ventriloquist Kerry’s tongue is roaming around inside his mouth, impervious to and irrespective of the words he’s attempting to formulate. Sometimes he sounds like he’s got a speech impediment as he fails to corral the meandering muscle but by and large he’s able to pull it off.

As he claims they’ve made enormous progress in wiping out the terrorist organization they allowed to grow and are spreading into the United States and Europe, it sometimes appears that his tongue  gets the better of him. At least it provides some entertainment value in what would often otherwise be a quite boring exercise, listening to him drone on.

He says that the “war on ISIS” hasn’t always progressed as fast as they would like for it to, but they’re making significant progress. His comments beg for the question to be asked, at what point did it progress as fast as anyone other than the ISIS fighters themselves would be pleased with? Maybe he’s just making excuses. We know they don’t do very well at accepting responsibility for their own actions and failures.

For a few seconds beginning at the :38 mark, as he’s talking about how the effort to liberate Mosul is well under way and making progress, he really gets himself kind of twisted up, to the point it’s affecting the way he formulates his words.

The bottom line is it doesn’t really matter. Who really listens to this guy anyway? Those that do certainly know not to believe a word of what they hear.

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4 Comments on Kerry Always Busy Tongue Has Extra Hyperactivity Issues During Speech

  1. There is nothing normal about any of these leftists!

  2. Freddie Arthur Hisle // December 12, 2016 at 2:31 pm // Reply


  3. Lady Liberty WDC // December 12, 2016 at 2:08 pm // Reply

    The tongue issue-could it be dental problems or false teeth? Who knows. You would think his Mrs.Ketchup would steer him to a Dr.

  4. dogface is a “chick magnet”?
    Maybe pelosi, wasserman-schultz, other such mentally ill liberals

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