Kellyanne Conway Slams CNN Over Propaganda, Ignoring Positive Trump Actions

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You’d never know this was the same Kellyanne Conway that CNN Fake News, along with other mainstream media networks was blasting just a few months ago as being an unreliable and unworthy interview and source of information. It seems that the reports of her demise and their dismissing of her worth were a bit premature. This was a full range exchange on the Trump White House and the way it’s being reported by CNN in a give and take format into which Conway masterfully engineered observations of the reporting and criticisms of the network’s anti-Trump bias.

They start off with and maintain a strained mutual cordiality during the interview, which both clearly know is going to be confrontational, with Alisyn “Alinsky” Camerota attempting the gotchas and Conway deflecting and exposing their agenda.

Typical of what passes for news at CNN is the first attempt to once again craft a connection between President Trump and Russia and to imply that President Trump is under investigation for wrongdoing in the election. Conway notes that the only prominent person making the case outside of the mainstream media is Hillary Clinton, “and you’ve got everyone saying that there is no nexus, that not a single vote was changed, and we’re going to stand by that. We know that Donald Trump won fairly and squarely 306 electoral votes. It had nothing to do with interference.”

Camerota replies “we know that as well,” which should clue her in that it’s time to shut the heck up about the Russia charade, but it doesn’t.” She wants to know what the current White House is doing about a report that Russian President Putin gave direct orders to interfere, supposedly substantiated by three dozen high level officials. They just refuse to let go of this nothing story that the DNC, Obama operatives, deep state and Clinton campaign are dedicated to. What about Obama’s orders to interfere in our election, Camerota? Shouldn’t that be more concerning?

There’s other similar “reporting” and ignoring of stories that should be covered plus the beating of dead horse stories, all of it shoved right back into to flapping jaws of the CNN propagandist.

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4 Comments on Kellyanne Conway Slams CNN Over Propaganda, Ignoring Positive Trump Actions

  1. Mangus Colorado // June 26, 2017 at 4:02 am // Reply

    The CNN lady is language challenged – he better hope there are no tapes – CNN could have gone to the intel community and asked them about their surveillance of Trump towers and cell phones of world leader so Comey’s cell phone could have been listening? Or the President’s cell phone.

  2. patricia mitchem // June 26, 2017 at 3:45 am // Reply

    what did obamee do , what did obamee do it started with him, trump has to clean up all his mess, hell get to it obamee was a wimp

  3. These liberals are starting to remind me of my dog: Someone always has to tell him what to do and what to think. They are totally brainwashed. And probably all influenced by graft.

  4. lol…. good to see the rude feminazi propagandist ‘Alinsky’ handed her arse. ‘Alinsky’ just buried CNN deeper under the outhouse.

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